Visiting Würzburg

During the semesters of free time we make various trips every year. At the beginning of July our way led us once more to Würzburg to have a look at Tiepolo’s wall works. But this time the Pieta in the cathedral of Würzburg made a lasting impression on us.

From Genoa to Leipzig

Giordano, who came to our art school from Genoa, Italy, wanted to study communication design. After trying it last year, he decided to take our portfolio preparation course to concentrate on developing his portfolio. With great success. Both at the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle and at the HGB Leipzig he was admitted to the exam. In the end he decided to go to Leipzig, where he will start his studies in October.
We will miss him in Berlin, wish him all the best and much success for his studies in Leipzig. And we are happy to see him visiting us regularly.

Meeting young artists

Sometimes it turns out that we meet with young artists.

So we are quiet often guests of Hans, who was joined us a few years ago at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE to prepare his portfolio. Now he has only one year left until the end of his studies in fine arts. Today we met South America artist Damian and Jochen, who  came to study art / music in Berlin. Hans invited his colleagues to renovate his apartment with him. That was very amusing and interrupted by some breaks. Once again we got a lot of information about the developments at the academy in KHB Weissensee. This is often very helpful, because this information helps the new participants of the coming semesters

Dinner with Sophie and Karl

In the penultimate semester Karl was a participant in our portfolio preparation. Meanwhile he is studying fine arts in Braunschweig and works mainly in the fields of video/ drawing and performance. When he was with us he promised to invite us for dinner and that was now redeemed. Beside many amusing stories from the academy Braunschweig we also had so much fun and a super delicious menu. YAMYAM. Thank you!

Birthday at Guyve`s place

Last Friday we were invited to Guyve’s birthday party. Three years ago Guyve prepared his portfolio for architecture at our house. He was accepted at the UdK and studied there for two years, but then he decided to finish his studies and take care of completely different projects around ambient music. That’s very exciting, because to finance these projects he draws constantly and very, very well. We looked through his drawings with him and were impressed.
We hope that his considerations will bear fruit and we keep our fingers crossed for sustainable success.