Exhibition Ragnar Kjartansson

In Stuttgart we visited a wonderful exhibition of Ragnar Kjartansson. Those who pass by should not miss the exhibition.

And what do the other participants do?

Our portfolio preparation courses bring together a wide variety of young people. They come from all parts of the world and have the common desire to apply for an artistic course of study. But that’s not entirely true, because that’s only the case at the beginning. During the semester it turns out again and again that some also come to orient themselves. They want to see if they can really imagine continuous artistic work in practice. And some enjoy our course and the community of the people around them, but then decide against an application.

This is also a remarkable success, because nothing is worse than studying a subject you don’t study with all your heart.
Also in this year we had again participants, who decided against an application. Of the applicants*, 90 percent were admitted to studies. So we can continue our success story and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who worked so well with us.

Exhibition at Reichenberger Strasse of KHB students

During the last week we visited the exhibition PERFECT STATUS, where also several FORMER of our portfolio preparation courses took part.

Perfect Conditions: Ironic overconfidence or raw reality?

Berlin’s Weißensee School of Art presents 50 new degree works from the sculpture and painting departments. The works on view showcase current developments and investigate the state of contemporary art:

Multi-layered works use imagery, text, sound, and digital data as a field for experimentation, transgressing both the boundaries of their medium and perceptions of reality, and testing the utility of artistic craft and techniques. Relating to the zeitgeist and to the essential challenges of art-making, these works speak to the senses, reflect how developments in technology and art interact, investigate the imagery that surrounds us, and question the systems that form our collective order. Playfully shaping new ways of addressing the relationship between the individual and society, they expand into social space.

Five floors hold 50 autonomous artistic perspectives, opening up unusual perspectives on biographical, historical and social conditions of the world, and probing how analog and digital spheres coincide – perfect conditions.


Henri succeeded at the UdK Berlin

Now it took quite a while, but yesterday Henri told us that he had passed the exam in communication design and was admitted to the UdK in Berlin. What a pleasure. As calmly and idiosyncratically as in the course he brought us this good news. It was interesting that Henri put everything on one card and didn’t apply anywhere else. The UdK or nothing. Full risk. Well then, it worked. We wish him much success and are happy with him.

Open days at the Udk_2019

As every year, we also visited the open days at the UdK this year. After the opening party at the Hardenbergstraße, we were visiting the next day the resort of communication design at the Kleistpark. And also the visit of the stage design class was worth a visit again.

What do we appreciate about it? It is the numerous former participants of our portfolio preparation courses that we regularly meet here and with whom we exchange information about their studies. This is valuable information for the coming semesters and we are very well informed – at first hand.