Praise from Italy

The mother of our participant Giordi thanked us for our work:
I’ve wanted to write to you for two weeks now and thank you for the work you’ve done over the last 6 months. From a distance I could see Giordano opening his creative locks, thanks to you. Regardless of whether he is accepted in Leizpzig or at the UdK or elsewhere, I am grateful to you, this was an excellent course. You have paved the way for it to continue. It seems to me that you have found a nice balance to let your students experiment and play and then occasionally challenge them to work on themselves with honest and sometimes hard criticism. I now understand your success (your 80 – 90 percent… or more). I have seen in Giordano that you give space and support at the same time. I was happy to see how much he trusts you.
Now we’ll see where his path will take us. Of course I would be happy if he would be accepted in Leipzig or at the UdK. But what he has achieved with your course is already very much.

We are happy to give our thanks back. It has always been fun to work with Giordi. He is incredibly interested and open-minded and likes to experiment. Now he is already in the second exam and he has earned this success absolutely.

Mathilde and the Viennese

Mathilde, who came from Denmark into the semesters at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE had first applied at the KHB Weissense. Like Polly she was unfortunately rejected there. That irritated her only briefly, then she took a new attempt for the application for painting in Vienna. Out of 180 applicants, 9 (nine) were selected for the exams. Mathilde was one of them and had taken the first hurdle. After hard days of examination, which were followed by an exhibition of the works in the examination, she was informed on Monday that she was one of the six people who would get a place at university.
That’s fantastic and highly deserved. Mathilde has an incredible power in her work and it has to be pushed out. Now she has the opportunity to do so and a good care on top of that.
YEAHHH!! Respect. We hope you come and visit us often and tell us how you are doing. We wish only the best for the beginning of your studies.

Polly startet voll durch in Wien

After her first rejection at the KHB Weissensee, Polly (second from left) was not impressed and applied to the Academy for Applied Arts in Vienna. Not only did she like the city so much but she immediately found a lot of wonderful people and an apartment there. But most impressive, she was invited directly to the stage design exam. After a few days of hard exams and an intensive discussion, she was informedright away that she had been accepted for a place at the university. That’s fantastic!!! She worked very hard  with a lot of good humour and a positive approach and deserved it.
Her work in the semester developed wonderfully and we were very happy that the quality of her work was recognized in Vienna. Of course Polly will continue to apply, but actually her decision is already certain. Vienna welcomed her wonderfully and to study there is really recommendable.
We are very happy for her and wish her all the best for her studies.
YIP!!! Big hugs!!!

Sascha slowly arrives in Karlsruhe

It’s getting to be something. The study of painting started for Sascha (but not only for him, also for Lukas and Ye). Now it’s time for the preperations, the mixing of the egg tempera. How does that work again???
We helped after Sascha didn’t really want to come up with the right mixture.

Preparation is everything

Even if the semester ends now, the preparation goes on, one way or the other. At the moment it might be still the preparations that should lead you to your preferred study, later, in quite a short time, it could also be the physical fitness that you get with a good physical preparation. Fortunately for all of us there was Ninya, who combined both. Physioteraphy and artistic talent. YIP

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