Starting the springtime semester

In the middle / end of February our yearly spring semester starts. In this semester, there are no more tasks and the participants feel completely free and enjoy the creative work during the whole day. It is the most beautifulsemester, because it`s so uncomplicated and while everyone is working in the room, spring is announcing itself outside – this year with particular sunny February weather

Visiting Berlin Galleries

At the Friday seminars the most diverse projects and workshops take place. From practical exercises to theoretical topics everything is possible and the plan for Friday is often decided together in the group. On this Friday we did a longer tour through Berlin galleries in Potsdamer Straße and saw some very good exhibitions and we had a lot of fun discovering.

Navot`s visit

Today Navot has been visiting us again. He came from New York to Berlin two years ago. Actually, he wanted to study architecture, but now he is in sculpture at the Academy Weissensee. He reported in detail about his studies, the exam for admission to the KHB and his current projects. In this way we are very well informed about him and also about the study conditions at the small academy in Berlin.

We wish you a big success!!!!!

Today, six participants hand over their portfolio for various courses. We are very curious how the result will turn out, although the focus this year is on academies outside Berlin. We wish you a great success !!!

Preparation for the delivery of poportfolios

Not only for our participants, but also for young people who do not participate in our semesters, Kathrin helps in the compilation of works for the portfolio. Often there are very interesting new perspectives and a number of references within the different works to be seen. This is always exciting, for Kathrin as well as for the applicants. The compilation is of course not binding, but intended as a suggestion. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves how the portfolio should look like.

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