Von Maastricht bis Istanbul

From Maastricht to Istanbul

Milena continued her first visit of our portfolio preparation in 2014 with her inscription to the semester courses in 2015-2016 and we were really happy to have her here again. She almost spent a year in Istanbul, where she didm`t only develop her skills in drawing and painting, but also reflecting her life, making experiences with new forms of expressions, getting to know many different people and so coming back with a huge package of good ideas and humor. It was clear that she will apply for an Academy in Istanbul as well, but her first try in 2016 brought the opportunity to study in Maastricht, where she succeed by her first attempt. The same with Düsseldorf at first try. Now, everything seems to be easier and we are looking forward to the applications all around Europe she is planing – and for istanbul:

With her new portfolio she extended her expression in drawing and painting to another level even that she has had to fight hard for it in the beginning. She wanted to continue her work from a year ago and too many things had happened, so this didm`t work at all. Now she got to find a new way and, while fighting for it, she made it and extended her skills, her expressions, her ideas, just everything, lightly, intensive, good.

We wer so pleased to have her here again and we will be happy any time she passes by.