All theater

In addition to exhibitions in museums and galleries and the many guests who stop by with their portfolios they prepared at our house, we go regularly with the semesters to the theater. On Friday, it’s one more time the Volksbühne at Rosa Luxembourg square, where we they show Herbert Fritsch`s Apocalypse

Wednesdays is the day of sketchbook critics

Always on Wednesdays we are having a looking through the sketchbooks. We discuss the work that has been realized and give contructive critics.

2016-09-05 11.42.51

On the Art Fair abc berlin

In the past years we have regularly visited the contemporary art fair in Berlin. And this year we did this again within the framework of our Friday seminar. Even if not all participants of the course would like to apply for the visual arts, but also for subjects such as communication design, product design, stage design, art education, etc., an exhibition today is a mix of everything and thus equally interesting for all.
As art is becoming an increasingly important event form, it has also been a lot of fun.

At the animal farm

Once during the semester we like to visit the animal farm Tiergarten in Berlin. It is one of the largest animal reserves in Europe and a very good spot for drawings. Participants love it. During the break we see all the drawings that were created. And once again we were so lucky with the weather. We`ve had a fantastic summer day outside.


Product Designer Malte comes for a visit

We are always happy about the visit of our former participants. Even a few years already have passed. The students are our sources of information and news at the universities and therefore our prime wire spot. Malte, who is studying product design in Weimar, told us a lot and concrete about his developement as a student and we were very impressed by his success.

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