Rigoletti comes for a short visit

Marion Pfaus is very busy for her own artprojects and for the sake of others, amusing herself and her spectators in the most pleasurable way.
We were happy these days that she was surprising us with a visit and we could have a nice long talk about past and upcoming projects.
If you want to know more about RIGOLETTI, please click HERE

a good team supports you in your creativity

KunstschuleIf you are interested in art studies, no matter what area, the work has to be a joy to get all the ups and downs and to get energy in the difficult times that will inevitably come and accompany us from time to time.
In the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE, we are also aware of these times, but they usually stay very short, because here we find enough joyful colleagues who give a positive push. Yip!

lazy sheep

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Die Tage werden kürzen, die Nächte länger und es wird kalt. Es könnte alles so schön kuschelig sein und faul, wie das lazy sheep auf unserem Bild. Doch leider rast die Zeit und wir haben bereits 6 Wochen, also mehr als die Hälfte des Herbstsemesters, hinter uns und so langsam wird klar, dass es ganz schön viel Zeit kostet 20 guten Arbeiten zu fertigen, welche sich später vielleicht für eine Mappe eignen könnten. Und auch jene, die sich künstlerisch zunächst einmal orientieren wollen erkennen, dass die persönliche Entwicklung mit der künstlerischen einhergeht und man sich selbst und den Dingen Zeit lassen muss und nichts beschleunigen kann.

warm up — every day

In order to start the day to arrive and focus on the day’s work, we started a few years ago with daily warm-up exercises. They can be quite playful, or drawing, or …..
Everything is allowed, the main thing is to turn off the head fand get rid of all the other things, to get into the day and have fun

theory and practical work

In the portfolio preparation  courses of the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE, we are not only concerned in practical work with the different artistic directions and the possibilities for a personal orientation. The teaching units are always accompanied by theoretical units, which support us in the practical work.