Warm up in the morning

Every day we start with a warm up morning excercise to get ready for the working day. This is joyful, pleasant and sugested very often from the participants themselves

2016-09-05 10.25.10

Our semester started

The new semester already started some days ago. We didn`t have any time to annouce it properly, so just see the picture below as a first impression


The step from the Abi to the art school was a very powerful and shaping step for me afterwards. Get out of a structure in which I have rather perished, purely into a new, more fertile environment, in which I have slowly rediscovered the courage and the curiosity to share productively with my own thoughts. The good half year of art school has not only given me, but also all the other great people I have met there, given space and time to experiment and dare. We different characters and age, which we met, all had the common ground in search of what the art world has to offer so.

Our different approaches and implementations have not competed with each other, but rather let us learn from each other. As Kathrin and Micha’s motto is, as a group in this constellation, you should take advantage of the opportunity not to steal from one another, but to develop tips and tricks and then integrate them into your own work in order to develop further. So learn from each other. Learning from one another by constantly standing in exchange with one another and working side by side independently on tasks or own projects.

I have the creative freedom with structured daily routine (from 10-17 clock, who comes late comes outside and gets a warning, if he-she-it has not logged off early) well done. Because, firstly, a regular working time was given and one was forced to appear punctual and had to overcome even on uninspired days, to make something out of it. And secondly, because you could use the time to deal with your own head and thoughts, to crumple and to free up associations chains.

Su comes for a visit

Meeting twice with Su from China who is studying music, arts and performance in Nürnberg and who is always crazy in the best way. She  is living in Berling for the semesterholidays and so we got the possibility to work together. Very nice meetings with a great talent.

Kay is celebrating her successful application in Nürnberg.

We were waiting really long for a sign from Kay, southcorean artist and at the moment visiting her family over there. Yesterday we finally got an sms from her, telling us she succeeded in Nürnberg for a Fine Art study.
This is good news. Having been working together with Su in the Von Erlenbach Kunstschule during the portfolio preparation, she feeels happy to continue her frindship with her, because Su started as well in Nürnberg.
All the best to you, Kay. Yip!