Sascha — a french musketeer

Sascha came to us from France. He acquired his knowledge of German through a stay in Germany for several years and so we were able to communicate well with him from the beginning. Nevertheless, Sasha was one of the most sophisticated characters during the first two semesters. He literally stuck to the figuration the entire first two semesters and also brought down everywhere his curious figures in the picture. Curiously enough, he only really relaxed in the third semester, after he was invited to the HGB with his first application for the exams in Leipzig. Thereafter, his color palette changed radically and he trusted more of his own formal idiom, which did not always necessarily require a figure in the picture.

After the exams in Leipzig he was also successful with his application at the Art Academy Karlsruhe. We sincerely hope that he will be able to tackle these exams in the most relaxed manner and finish as successfully as everyone else this year.