Fresh energy

Our sabbatical year is coming to an end. We have not been lazy during the whole time. We have been actively working in the studio ourselves again and have visited many academies and our former participants. We brought ourselves up to date with the latest developments at the universities.
Now we are looking forward to the coming semesters, which we will again support powerfully and with a lot of fresh energy for the admission at the universities.

Short before Christmas

Shortly before Christmas we are having a good time away from everything around our art school. We prepare ourselves for a few quiet days over the turn of the year, slowly looking forward to the next tasks in 2020.

Welcome Sascha

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Sascha kommt regelmäßig nach Berlin- und fast zu jedem Besuch schaut er bei uns vorbei und erzählt uns von seinem Studium an der Kunstakademie Karlsruhe, wo er seit über einem Jahr studiert. An diesem Abend haben wir viele seiner neuen Arbeiten gesehen und neben den großformatigen Malereien vor allem auch seine vielen Skizzenbücher bewundert, die er seit seiner Zeit bei uns in der VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE als wesentliches Element zur Entwicklung künstlerischer Ideen weiterhin sehr konzentriert fortführt.

Fantastic exhibition at Modulor

Not far from us, in the Aufbauhaus at Moritzplatz, two friends of ours, Edgar Rodtmann and Jens Neumann, exhibited some new photographic works in a room at Modulor. They were photo collages of streetlife photographs in combination with a model head created by the artist Lisa Büscher. We found these works very exciting, as they have current references to themes such as identity, selfies,… question.

Autumn leafs

What a beautiful afternoon at the end of November around the Tempelhofer Feld. So wonderful autumnal colours. After the Berlin summer, this is how it can be endured in the coming cold season