Dobble-effect for Doro

As Doro came into the wportfolio semester of the ERLENBACH ART SCHOOL, she hasn´t lots of experience and showed herself refreshingly naive in many areas. We see this as a major advantage, cause a given person is usually very unveneered against the multiple possibilities of artistic work. Doro was like this, but very fast she proved to be a great talent as a painter and got even more and more desire to compete alongside arts education for Fine Arts.

In both directions, they had success. First, at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle for Art Education and then at the Art Academy in Maastricht in the Netherlands for Visual Arts, together with her semester colleague and friend Milena .

We would wish her to opt for the fine arts, at least initially. So she can explore her great talent more. It would be a shame to her potential. We will be happy either way for her success and we are sure that she will go her way and brings out the best of herselve.

Keep it up!