YaYa worldwide

YaYa, born as Hsuan-Wei, came from London, where she finished her study in goldsmithery. Although she just finished her study in a creative field, she knew exactly that she wants to study Fine Arts. And that`s why she came to our portfolio preparation at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULEand stayed three semesters.

YaYa is from Taiwan and has an absolutely memorable, distinctive voice, which makes her both very impressionable and secondly sympatic. It is the same with her works, which have an incredible expressiveness and with whom she could only have difficulties for an entrance exam because these works are so strong as well, not only in the picturesque formulation, but also in the content dealing with current issues in the field of visual arts. Although YaYa was one of the few participants who had to work for money besides our courses, she has been around as often as possible.

Now YaYa came to visit us, telling that she has been invited in Karlsruhe at the Art Academy for the exam. We wish YaYa from our deepest hearts that they will provide admission to one the application and that she can use and contribute her full potential in her studies of Fine Arts. She has more than earned it in the best sense.