We support you in your artistic and personal orientation and prepare you in portfolio courses, portfolio coaching and portfolio counselling for successful applications to the following academic programs.


Portfolio Preparation Course

Portfolio Preparation Course Berlin

Our portfolio courses are suitable for you if you want to specifically prepare your portfolio for submission to a university/academy or if you are intensively looking for an artistic orientation.

Portfolio Coaching

Portfolio Coaching Berlin

The portfolio coaching is suitable for beginners and advanced students. The portfolio coaching is an individual preparation, individually or in small groups.

Portfolio Consulting

Portfolio Consulting Berlin

The portfolio consultation is suitable for anyone who has already prepared a portfolio and would like to have feedback from the outside. It is particularly suitable for review before a submission or after rejection following an application.

Portfolio online

Portfolio online

For all those who do not have the opportunity to come to Berlin for personal reasons but would still like to have a structured portfolio preparation.


Portfolio Coaching

In portfolio coaching, we work with you individually or in a small group on detailed questions about your work and/or your portfolio in order to deepen specific aspects. In the portfolio coaching you will receive detailed feedback on your work, suggestions for reflection, tips for exhibitions and books and, if you wish, assignments for the week.Applicants who cannot take a portfolio course due to time constraints will find an alternative in portfolio coaching. However, this option cannot replace the comprehensive and systematic preparation of our portfolio course.The portfolio coaching includes detailed feedback on the work, impulses for reflection, tips for exhibitions and books, assignments for the week.
  • Dates & Application

    The portfolio coaching can be booked at any time and comprises 4 appointments. You are welcome to contact us by phone or email.


250 EUR for 4 dates with each 1-2 hours.

Portfolio Consultation

How is my portfolio evaluated? What can I do better? Why didn’t it work out when I applied to university? In our portfolio consultations, you can get professional feedback on the work you have already done. We will give you tips for putting the finishing touches to your portfolio or advise you if you were rejected after an application. We will also be happy to help you put together your portfolio, give you tips for upcoming exam interviews or discuss with you what to do after a rejection. If you cannot come in person, we will also be happy to advise you via Skype or Zoom.
  • Dates & Application

    An individual appointment by arrangement Registration takes place by phone or email.


50 EUR per date (Duration 1 hour).

Portfolio online

Portfolio online courses correspond to portfolio coaching and are suitable for all those who cannot be in person on site in Berlin. Appointments take place by arrangement on individual dates. Please register by phone or email. Language: The online portfolio course is held in German or English (and in Spanish if required).

Dates & Application

A portfolio online course can be booked at any time and comprises 4 dates each. Registration takes place by phone or email.


250 EUR for 4 dates with each 1-2 hours.





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