New course system

With the turn of the year 2022 to 2023, we will start with our new course system for portfolio preparation. In the future, we will offer portfolio courses, portfolio coaching and portfolio consulting.

The biggest change will take place with the switch from long semester units to intensive four-week portfolio courses. The portfolio courses are divided into three parts. Parts one and three will take place actively with us, while part two will be worked on at home by the participants. This makes it easier for those interested to start with our courses, and this new course system allows us greater flexibility.

Portfolio coaching and portfolio consultations will continue as usual, both on-site and online.

In addition, from January 2023 we will offer a morning meditation at 7 am, the dynamic meditation.  Dynamic meditation is a one-hour active meditation that was offered in class by various professors in the 1980s at some art academies to train body awareness in the field of performative arts. More information here.

Great success in portfolio coaching and portfolio consulting

In year 1 after Corona, our focus has shifted to portfolio coaching. There are many reasons for this. On the one hand, it was not clear until September what the further Corona rules in Germany will look like. This caused a lot of uncertainty and we were asked again and again if we could assure that an inhouse course could take place. So many interested people decided to take part in the portfolio coaching. On the other hand, we have had great success with our participants in portfolio coaching. Even if they realize their work at home, the assignments and our meetings lead in the right direction. 90 percent of the applicants were accepted at the academies.
The Berlin housing situation has also become difficult. It is becoming increasingly difficult for those interested to find temporary housing in Berlin. Even finding accommodation in shared apartments is almost hopeless. The rooms are taken too quickly. If you don’t already have contacts in Berlin, you have almost no chance.

Since we also offer Mapencoaching online, this is a really good way to avoid these difficulties and still create a successful portfolio with our help.


New beginning

In the meantime, we can look back on two long and difficult Corona years in which we were only able to offer portfolio coaching and map consulting. With the beginning of this year, we have renewed hope that we will be able to offer our courses locally again. Even though we still have to consider the Corona rules, especially from September onwards, we are positive that our courses will finally take place again.
Especially in the field of artistic education, we see a great need for 1-to-1 support, as we have to deal with a wide variety of materials. And the exchange among the participants is particularly important in the development of one’s own artistic potential.

Keep your fingers crossed that this all works out!!!


Outlook 2021

The Corona crisis continues to have a firm grip on us and we are in another lockdown that is intensifying weekly. The prospects for “normal” times are still not foreseeable. For the current year, we will therefore strengthen our online courses and especially our portfolio coaching.
In portfolio coaching, we work with just one person or in small groups, depending on the possibilities. This worked very well last year and we made a great success with the participants. We will put the new courses online by the beginning of February.

The end of a difficult year

2020 developed without notice into a very difficult year, not only for us as an art school, but very sustainably for the entire cultural sector in Berlin. Our face-to-face courses had to be shifted to online courses because of the Corona crisis. Only the portfolio coaching could take place as usual. We hope that we will be able to offer portfolio courses as usual again next year and wish all interested parties and former participants all the best. Stay healthy!