Feedback of our participants


The successes of our participants

Our work is now receiving a great deal of positive attention at many art academies. We are contacted by many academies to inform our applicants about the upcoming application deadlines and portfolio consultations at the respective universities. The professors enjoy working with our participants, as they already have  very good artistic qualifications on which they can build.
Since the founding of the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. in 2005, we enjoy consistent and above-average success at both national and international Art Universities and Art Academies. Our common goal is to receive several acceptances from various academies. Most applicants achieve this goal and can thus fulfil their dream of choosing the most suitable academy for their interests and profile. [Clear]2017, 2018 and 2019, 95 % our participants have achieved their goal and received a place at an academy. Between2020 and 2022 no semester courses took place due to our sabbatical year 2020 and the following Corona years. With a new course concept, we will continue our successes in 2023.

Great success in portfolio coaching and portfolio consulting

In year 1 after Corona, our focus has shifted to portfolio coaching. There are many reasons for this. On the one hand, it was not clear until September what the further Corona rules in Germany will look like. This caused a lot of uncertainty and we were asked again and again if we could assure that an inhouse course could take place. So many interested people decided to take part in the portfolio coaching. On the other hand, we have had great success with our participants in portfolio coaching. Even if they realize their work at home, the assignments and our meetings lead in the right direction. 90 percent of the applicants were accepted at the academies.
The Berlin housing situation has also become difficult. It is becoming increasingly difficult for those interested to find temporary housing in Berlin. Even finding accommodation in shared apartments is almost hopeless. The rooms are taken too quickly. If you don’t already have contacts in Berlin, you have almost no chance.

Since we also offer Mapencoaching online, this is a really good way to avoid these difficulties and still create a successful portfolio with our help.


And what do the other participants do?

Our portfolio preparation courses bring together a wide variety of young people. They come from all parts of the world and have the common desire to apply for an artistic course of study. But that’s not entirely true, because that’s only the case at the beginning. During the semester it turns out again and again that some also come to orient themselves. They want to see if they can really imagine continuous artistic work in practice. And some enjoy our course and the community of the people around them, but then decide against an application.

This is also a remarkable success, because nothing is worse than studying a subject you don’t study with all your heart.
Also in this year we had again participants, who decided against an application. Of the applicants*, 90 percent were admitted to studies. So we can continue our success story and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who worked so well with us.

Henri succeeded at the UdK Berlin

Now it took quite a while, but yesterday Henri told us that he had passed the exam in communication design and was admitted to the UdK in Berlin. What a pleasure. As calmly and idiosyncratically as in the course he brought us this good news. It was interesting that Henri put everything on one card and didn’t apply anywhere else. The UdK or nothing. Full risk. Well then, it worked. We wish him much success and are happy with him.

Off to the south

Well then, now things have come as we did not want them to, although we are very happy for Ninya that she was accepted after passing her exam at the Kunstakademie Karlsruhe; she leaves us and Berlin and begins her studies there in October. We will miss her very much and we hope that she will visit us regularly and tell us about her studies. But she will certainly improve her studies for Fine Arts, painting, in Karlsruhe very much and it will be nice for her that she meets some “Erlenbacher” there, who worked successfully years before with us in the portfolio preparation and study in Karlsruhe.

From Genoa to Leipzig

Giordano, who came to our art school from Genoa, Italy, wanted to study communication design. After trying it last year, he decided to take our portfolio preparation course to concentrate on developing his portfolio. With great success. Both at the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle and at the HGB Leipzig he was admitted to the exam. In the end he decided to go to Leipzig, where he will start his studies in October.
We will miss him in Berlin, wish him all the best and much success for his studies in Leipzig. And we are happy to see him visiting us regularly.

Sarah has been invited for the exam at Burg Giebichenstein

Sarah prepared herself very intensively and with an unbelievably amount of  small sketches for her application for communication design. Her portfolio was somehow unusual for a participant because she was one of a few participants who was very intensively involved in the field of typography. Her portfolio was therefore a very good example with concentrated works within that complex. She showed a never-ending variety of different possibilities for her creative work. That convinced at the castle Giebichenstein and for us it was natural that she was invited to the examination. It was also nice that she was accompanied by Giordano, who also received an invitation.
Now we wait for the result and keep our fingers crossed until then. TOITOITOI!!!

Praise from Italy

The mother of our participant Giordi thanked us for our work:
I’ve wanted to write to you for two weeks now and thank you for the work you’ve done over the last 6 months. From a distance I could see Giordano opening his creative locks, thanks to you. Regardless of whether he is accepted in Leizpzig or at the UdK or elsewhere, I am grateful to you, this was an excellent course. You have paved the way for it to continue. It seems to me that you have found a nice balance to let your students experiment and play and then occasionally challenge them to work on themselves with honest and sometimes hard criticism. I now understand your success (your 80 – 90 percent… or more). I have seen in Giordano that you give space and support at the same time. I was happy to see how much he trusts you.
Now we’ll see where his path will take us. Of course I would be happy if he would be accepted in Leipzig or at the UdK. But what he has achieved with your course is already very much.

We are happy to give our thanks back. It has always been fun to work with Giordi. He is incredibly interested and open-minded and likes to experiment. Now he is already in the second exam and he has earned this success absolutely.

Mathilde and the Viennese

Mathilde, who came from Denmark into the semesters at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE had first applied at the KHB Weissense. Like Polly she was unfortunately rejected there. That irritated her only briefly, then she took a new attempt for the application for painting in Vienna. Out of 180 applicants, 9 (nine) were selected for the exams. Mathilde was one of them and had taken the first hurdle. After hard days of examination, which were followed by an exhibition of the works in the examination, she was informed on Monday that she was one of the six people who would get a place at university.
That’s fantastic and highly deserved. Mathilde has an incredible power in her work and it has to be pushed out. Now she has the opportunity to do so and a good care on top of that.
YEAHHH!! Respect. We hope you come and visit us often and tell us how you are doing. We wish only the best for the beginning of your studies.


After her first rejection at the KHB Weissensee, Polly (second from left) was not impressed and applied to the Academy for Applied Arts in Vienna. Not only did she like the city so much but she immediately found a lot of wonderful people and an apartment there. But most impressive, she was invited directly to the stage design exam. After a few days of hard exams and an intensive discussion, she was informedright away that she had been accepted for a place at the university. That’s fantastic!!! She worked very hard  with a lot of good humour and a positive approach and deserved it.
Her work in the semester developed wonderfully and we were very happy that the quality of her work was recognized in Vienna. Of course Polly will continue to apply, but actually her decision is already certain. Vienna welcomed her wonderfully and to study there is really recommendable.
We are very happy for her and wish her all the best for her studies.
YIP!!! Big hugs!!!

Langjie continues his artistic studies in Berlin

Langjie came from China to join us at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. He had already successfully completed his studies in painting there and now wanted to continue his studies in Germany, but here in sculpture. Due to this already completed study and by his age of 29 years his prospects for a successful application at a German academy were very limited. But Langjie had quickly learnt from us and also profited a lot from the other participants in the semester. With his discipline and experimental approach he created a very extensive portfolio.

He was already successful with his first application to the Kunstakademie Weissensee. He was invited directly to the examination and a few days later he was promised a place at university.
He achieved something extraordinary with it, because the resistance was greater than with some other applicants.
Outstanding! Respect! But now it’s time for the next applications to the academies in Düsseldorf, Dresden and Munich. And here, too, we are very confident that this will work out. So we keep our fingers crossed, but are also happy when Langjie stays in Berlin so that we can keep in touch easily.
ToiToiToi during my studies

Zora on the roots of Lagerfeld

Zora applied for a study in fashion design at the KHB Weissensee. The classes there are very popular and accordingly, hundreds of applicants* are annually tempted to apply for one of the coveted study places. In our semester, Zora was able to make full use of her abilities and created an excellent portfolio with a very individual and recognizable charm. No wonder, then, that she was invited to take the exam right away. Then followed days of the examination and these days are really heavy. Zora has been nervous, but still unimpressed and two days later she received the admission for the desired subject.

But Zora also applied to the Fashion Academy in London and Brighton. In London, where she had to present her portfolio directly during a personal interview, she was also accepted to study – and – she has already been invited for an interview in Brighton. Wow! What a series of successes, one after the other.

Terrific. We embrace you and wish you the best of success for your studies.

Sophie takes off in textile design

Sophie, here in the middle of the picture, needed quite a while to find her own creative and unmistakable form of expression. The whole sessions during our class was literally a collection of possibilities and then, suddenly, poampoam, everything that had accumulated for so long exploded. Day after day she did her very own thing and put together a wonderful, fine portfolio. The first application to the KHB Weissensee, not only took her directly to the exam, she has also been accepted to her studies a day later.
The exam days were anything but easy and during days some applicants had to say goodbye. However, with the experience of the many different tasks she got to know at VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE, she was able to take on these tasks at the academy without any problems.
With success!!!
She was the first of this year and we are very happy for her!!! Now we wish her all the best and much success for your studies!


Qiuning, our always cheerful and very humorous Chinese student surprised us today with a message via whats app. After the successful participation at the art academy in Braunschweig for the two-day “early start” she received today the invitation to register for the coming winter semester. This makes her the first applicant in 2019 to receive a firm commitment. We are very happy for her, because she really deserves it. Besides her continuous and good work, which was characterized by an extremely versatile experimental nature, she also developed into a “driving horse” for the other participants during our semester, who were thus able to increase their own work in a positive way.

Ye- successful on two stages

Ye is a very good person and interesting personality. She brought a lot of calmness in the course in the past semesters. That may be due to the language, because Ye comes from China, and although she speaks German very well and understands German even better, she had always felt not that good in the language. She often stayed calm and concentrated very much on her work. Since she was already studying painting at a very good academy in China, continuous work was guaranteed and so this shaped the atmosphere in the course. We are very grateful for her because she showed that only with a continuous work can you create an extensive portfolio. In addition, she discussed very vividly with the other course participants about their work and gave them valuable tips. Her own work varied greatly between painting and stage design. For both areas she has been invited several times.

For painting she can go to Munich and Karlsruhe to the exam, for stage design she is invited to the UdK examination. We hope that she masters the exams well and then decides for the right subject and the right place to study.

Sophie – double success in architecture

Sophie came to us from Potsdam. For us almost a Berliner. She was already very aware of her goal in advance and was very focused on applying for architecture. She sometimes developped her work very slow, but very concentrated and so she managed at the end of her time with us a very productive an excellent portfolio, which were the starting point for two significant applications in Potsdam and at the UdK. We are very happy that both applications were successful and she has been admitted to the exam. We are sure that her studies will make her a successful architect and wish her an exciting time at her desired academy.

Valentin, live on stage

Valentin also came to us from Berlin and this quite late in the semester. He entered the course without any problems and quickly found friends from among the course participants. He was working like in slow motion but his work was mostly very good and individual with a special note. We were particularly happy about his social commitment as a student from Slovenia had to leave his apartment surprisingly. Valentin immediately agreed to take him home. Beyond the course, Valentin collaborated with various groups of young people as actor and designer in the joint activities such as parties, concerts, theater plays. Due to this, his presence on some days was not as strong as desired, but in the end it was not a break for his efforts creating his portfolio. The UdK invited him to the exam.

Sascha – a french musketeer

Sascha came to us from France. He acquired his knowledge of German through a stay in Germany for several years and so we were able to communicate well with him from the beginning. Nevertheless, Sasha was one of the most sophisticated characters during the first two semesters. He literally stuck to the figuration the entire first two semesters and also brought down everywhere his curious figures in the picture. Curiously enough, he only really relaxed in the third semester, after he was invited to the HGB with his first application for the exams in Leipzig. Thereafter, his color palette changed radically and he trusted more of his own formal idiom, which did not always necessarily require a figure in the picture.

After the exams in Leipzig he was also successful with his application at the Art Academy Karlsruhe. We sincerely hope that he will be able to tackle these exams in the most relaxed manner and finish as successfully as everyone else this year.

More than 80% successful applications again this year

This year we had to wait a long time to get informed about the results of the colleges and academies. Many of our participants applied to universities where application term is only in late spring. But waiting was worth it, because this year again more than 80% have received a successful result. With this we continue the success story of our art school and we are very proud of the dedicated and wonderful young art students who are now looking forward to their studies.

We wish you all a very good start and hope you can further develop your successful work at the academies.

Wonderful double success for Lukas

The first application did not look so bright for Lukas, but we were sure that he would be accepted with his work at an academy. And so it did not take long before Dusseldorf came to the first decision for the admission to study. Now Karlsruhe is also added and he will have to decide.
We advise him to choose the academy where he can develop his work as versatile as ours. This has always been a great pleasure to watch as he over and over again changed his approach in order to create new challenges for himself.

With the right study accompaniment, a lot can happen to him. We are curious and wish only the best in this way.

Nadja succeeds at UdK

Nadja came to us from Switzerland. Her sister is already studying painting at the UdK and Nadja also wanted to be accepted there for art education. Nadja worked from the beginning on small formats and developed worlds of experience, which had an incredible size in itself. In our Friday seminar it was always exciting to see what others said about her work presentation. It is a rare endeavor that such a small work can claim such a dimension and cast a spell on everyone, even though her work was usually very abstract. Especially in the series, her drawings and paintings worked very well and you could literally understand and comprehend the emotional aspect as well as the thought process, which was based on it. Reflection and empathize. Very impressive. With her portfolio she was invited to the examination for art education at the UdK, but meanwhile she has decided to study art history.

We wish Nadja all the best and who knows, maybe next year she will come back to the possibilities of studying art education.

Nike – from Bavaria to Berlin and back

Nike was another very interesting person who came to us from southern Germany last year. Just like Paul, her work evolved from her personal, mostly private and dreamlike imagery. She developed a pictorial language of form and led a constant dialogue between dynamic lines and surfaces, with her works moving back and forth between figuration and abstraction. With her applications, it worked right away. After a first successful application in Dresden, an equally successful application was made in Munich. Now she is invited to the exam in Karlsruhe as well.

We are very curious how she will decide and very confident that she will study with great pleasure.

Marie – 4 wins

With the exception of the KHB in Berlin, Marie had success with every single application. Starting with the admission to the exam in Leipzig, followed Dusseldorf, then Karlsruhe and finally Munich. Now you should not complain, even if now the agony of choice in front of you, which academy fits best to you is hard. Such an extreme success is rare. After the first rejection we were very curious how the application situation for Marie would develop. Now we are all relaxed and just in the best mood ever.

And we are sure that Marie will then be very positive about studying at the academy she chooses. YIP

The crazy and successful world of Minji

Minji is from Korea and studied for two years at the Art Academy Nuremberg. As with so many Korean applicants, also Minji does not get along so well with small cities like Nuremberg. Almost all Korean semester participants in the last few years applied from the outset first to the big cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. And even after a successful application to a small academy, it is often the case that a follow-up application takes place at an academy in a large city. So also with Minji. After she accostumed to the specific system of our course, she began to formulate her independent work with increasing assurance and delighted us and the entire course with her often exuberant joyful and positive nature.

We are very happy for her, that with her first application at the UdK she was immediately taken in the field of ART IN CONTEXT and we are very curious how her second application for ART EDUCATION will end there, because she is invited to this exam too. YIP.

Yakub – success in communication design

Yakub is Berliner with Turkish roots. He was the most intellectual young man to visit us in the last semesters. All work, his own work as well as the work on fundamentals or tasks, were examined in advance by him on various possible solutions. In addition to his drawings he accompanied always researches in form of text material. During the course he developped, on the basis of great knowledge in the field of art history, completely independent work, which made the application at the Burg Giebichenstein possible.
Finally he succeeded there. We look forward to see him regularily and keeping us updated to what is goin on in his study.

Johanna – it`s always going on

Johanna was the most dissatisfied of all course participants this semester. Not with us, no, with herself. She worked very, very consistently, very purposeful, very motivated and always with a fixed goal in mind, continuously and strict to herself. Although her work developped very often very well she was very skeptical of it and she has hardly been really satisfied with the results. Our main task during the day was often to teach her not to look at things so negatively, but to face positive little successes. She is in her way a great master, but she has also not fallen from the sky, but has to evolve step by step. With her portfolio she succeeded with the first application to the Academy in Münster.

We wish her a wonderful and positive study time there.

Karl – the play instinct wins

Karl was the oldest participant in our course this semester. He had already gained experience in various areas of life and now decided, at the age of 31, to turn to an artistic study. It was clear from the beginning that his main interests are to be found in the media. This resulted in many interesting and entertaining videos, which ultimately led him to the exam at the Art Academy Braunschweig: He completed the exam successful there.

We wish Karl exciting years of study with many other good works.

Jerney- a Slovenian draughtsman through and through

Jerney came to us from Slovenia and was the most unusual participant in the last few semesters. Jerney came without much knowledge, but with concrete ideas about art and the world. He was mainly focused on drawing and did so without ceasing, even after school and on weekends. His idea of ​​good drawing was very limited in the beginning, but towards the end of the second semester it changed more and more and in the third semester his work was characterized by a lot more looseness and we had the feeling that he had gotten away from too strong ideas. It was clear from the beginning that Jerney did not want to apply to an academy and so far he has kept his word.

Maybe he’ll start working with his acquired skills as a tattoo artist, maybe he’ll be ready for a study application next year. We are so happy that he had a lot of fun with us and is on a really good way.

Mariia- from Russia to Berlin

Mariia came to us from Russia. Since she has lived in Germany for some time, she speaks and understands German very well. She already worked as a product manager and brought with her relevant life and work experiences. But now there was a change in the direction of communication design. And that developed very well. She was not only very diligent but also open to a variety of tasks and full of her own, weird ideas. She had a great strength, developed in the field of photography and illustration, and it was always fun to follow her humorous drawings. Mariia decided to apply at the HTW in Berlin and was successfully accepted there.

We are very curious how she will accept her new career in the study and in the job fterwards and we keep fingers crossed for her!

Peters fantasy worlds

Peter, who came to us from Berlin, lost himself very, very quickly, always putting his headphones over his ears, into his own world of images. This was strongly influenced by a form of fantastic realism, surrealism, as well as comic and fantasy. First, he wanted to apply for a degree in fine arts, but then decided to apply for a degree in art education. But after completing his semesters at our art school, he told us that he wanted to give himself more time and start training as a goldsmith. Based on his imagery, we are now very curious how he will implement this in goldsmith work.
We wish him much pleasure and success.

Paul is first

Paul is an exceptionally strong talent. Full of own stories and worlds of experience, he draws these completely natural and often oblivious to paper and his many sketchbooks. At the KHB Weissensee Art Academy in Berlin, they did not see this during his first application last year. When he came to the course of the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE after the rejection, many good works have been developped on a continuous basis and so it was no wonder that he was immediately invited to the exam with his first try in at the HGB Leipzig and later also admitted to the final degree.

This won`t be the last invitation for him and we stay curious.

The imminent end of the week with few

In the week before last, visitors might be a little scared when they visit us at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE, because our classroom area looks like it’s orphaned. But so it is when a larger part of the group is invited for the exams to apply for a place to study. So we are in a good mood despite the small number of participants this week, as the “absentees” will be rewarded for their months of work and will hopefully do a good job at the exams.

We keep on going successfully_ 80 %

This year we had to wait a long time until we received a message from the last applicant at the different academies. But now it is certain: in 2017, 80 per cent of our participants also made the leap to the university. Some applicants can choose the place of study because of multiple commitments. As a result, our success rate remains very high in the long term. We are very pleased with this development and wish everyone a great start and an eventful study.

French-Korean Meeting

After the last semesters, we are situated between the semesters and we meet for the re-discussion and celebrating successes with our former students. So we sat these days with Valentin from France and Simon from Korea in the cafe to get informed about the entrance tests. Valentin was accepted for stage design at the UdK, Simon decided for the promised study place for fine arts in Düsseldorf. Again, thanks very much to both of you for your participation at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE., which always made a lot of joy and congratulations for your success. YIP

Kay is celebrating her successful application in Nürnberg.

We were waiting really long for a sign from Kay, southcorean artist and at the moment visiting her family over there. Yesterday we finally got an sms from her, telling us she succeeded in Nürnberg for a Fine Art study.
This is good news. Having been working together with Su in the Von Erlenbach Kunstschule during the portfolio preparation, she feeels happy to continue her frindship with her, because Su started as well in Nürnberg.
All the best to you, Kay. Yip!

Gemma gewinnt einen Preis- was für ein guter Tag

Gemma finishes with her degreee and a prize from DAAD

Gemma came to us to prepare a portfolio for communication design. Gemma has always been a very special, independent and highly creative person. Her artistic expression was convincing in every respect, and it was also understood that she could choose a place to study. Her decision for Leipzig iwas right – and barely that we look around, she has already finished her study with a fantastic a degree – according to a price in her hand.

We are pleased today about the good time with you and wish you, dear Gemma, happiness and success now and in the future and we hope to see you again soon.

More than 85% success

More than 85% of our participants in the last semesters for portfolio preparation 2015-2016 managed the goal of a successful bid in academies and universities.

After the application period for the application to the academies and universities are largely completed, we take a look back at the semester run from August 2015 to the end of March 2016th
As in recent years, we can repeatedly look back on a very successful passage this year. From our participants 95% have the first objective, accomplished the invitation to an exam. 85% of our participants have received admission to study.
We have had equal success in the fields of Fine Arts, Art Education , the different fields of Design, Architecture and Stage- and Costume Design as well as time-based media. In retrospect, we can say that it`s been a great pleasure again to work with all these young talents throughout  three quarters of a year and that this certainly is an essential part for the good application rates. With joy and many good ideas the participants could easily achieve a place of study in their preferred section, their corresponding departments.


Applicants have applied successfully not only at the two academies in Berlin, but also in Hamburg, Leipzig, Halle, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Düsseldorf, Braunschweig and abroad.

We wish all much joy and success in your studies !!!

Guyve for UdK

Now Guye’s got a little more time to spend with the Berliners – fortunately, for now he has passed the test and can look forward to the study of architecture at the University of Arts (UdK). And we are happy to stay with him and also about the fact that we will thereby see us once in a while and stay well informed

Happy days for YaYa

My God, what we have been looking forward for YaYa, when she told us about her admission to study at the Art Academy in Karlsruhe. Although we were convinced so strongly that she will do it, we still have trembled to the very end and so we were even more grateful that she can study at this great university.
She has an extraordinary talent and she earned the place also because of her stength an her strong will. So now let`s start. We are sure we will be hearing a lot from her.

Fine Arts exam with Flo

After Flo already made the examination in Leipzig for communication design, he decided to apply also at the Art Academy in Stuttgart, but for fine arts, with a focus on painting. And here he managed  immediately to jump the examination, which will take place in late June. We keep our fingers crossed and hope for him that he will succeed.

In the meantime, with the end of the semesters at the  VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE, he was able to continue his development in an studio close to his parents winery, preparing for the exam. We take the application for Fine Arts as another good step in the right direction, since his work during the semester increasingly moving toward a free form and not rigidly stuck to design relevant aspects.




Guyves Weg in die Architektur

Guyves way to architecture

Also Guyve made it as Navot in the examination of architecture at the University of Arts. Now both can prepare together and we will keep our fingers crossed. Guyve and Navot have met in the past few semesters in our art school and spent a lot of time outside the classes together.

So vielseitig die Interessen Guyves auch sein mögen, dem Ziel, sich für Architektur zu bewerben, ist er die ganzen drei Semester treu geblieben. Dabei hat er sich, ähnlich wie Navot, sich nicht konventionell mit Architekturformen auseinandergesetzt, sonder spielerisch, malerisch Formen zu einem eigenständigen Gebilde immer wieder neu erfunden und dabei unterschiedlichste Techniken eingesetzt. Gemeinsamer Charakter war eine konkrete Sauberkeit der Blätter, welche oft im Gegensatz zu explodierenden Formen als Farbelemente standen. Gerade das machte die Arbeit spannend und singulär.

As versatile Guyves interests may be, the aim to apply for architecture, he kept remained true throughout the three semesters. He has, similar to Navot, not conventionally dealt with architectural forms. He worked especiallly playful, with picturesque forms an independent structures, constantly reinvented them and thereby used different techniques. Common character in his works were a concrete cleanliness whith often exploding shapes as colored elements. Just that made the work exciting and singular.

We hope everything turns out in a good way during the exams, so he will stay in Berlin.

Navot dicovers the world- but stays in Berlin

Navot is a frequent traveler and has already seen almost the whole world. So we were pleased that he decided to use a longer stop here in the art school, to prepare for a degree in architecture.
If there was a guarantee of good mood, this was in these semesters certainly Navot. He had good feelings with all the participants and gave each one a good day. Mood was yesterday, today is Navot. That`s been the motto. Fun for all those who could be part of it in these terms.

His work followed Navot priority in different sized sketchbooks, of which there were many at the end of the semester and the form and content has shown very interesting perspectives. Perspectives not in an architectural sense of which there were only details, clippings. It was more his world of his own characterizations of the world surrounding him, which came in the books to light and convinced us as well as the Commission at the UdK. He was invited with his application to the exam, as well as his semester colleague Guyve.

We would be delighted if he positively passes the exam and remains in Berlin the next year.

YaYa worldwide

YaYa, born as Hsuan-Wei, came from London, where she finished her study in goldsmithery. Although she just finished her study in a creative field, she knew exactly that she wants to study Fine Arts. And that`s why she came to our portfolio preparation at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULEand stayed three semesters.

YaYa is from Taiwan and has an absolutely memorable, distinctive voice, which makes her both very impressionable and secondly sympatic. It is the same with her works, which have an incredible expressiveness and with whom she could only have difficulties for an entrance exam because these works are so strong as well, not only in the picturesque formulation, but also in the content dealing with current issues in the field of visual arts. Although YaYa was one of the few participants who had to work for money besides our courses, she has been around as often as possible.

Now YaYa came to visit us, telling that she has been invited in Karlsruhe at the Art Academy for the exam. We wish YaYa from our deepest hearts that they will provide admission to one the application and that she can use and contribute her full potential in her studies of Fine Arts. She has more than earned it in the best sense.

Into the city

Flo was one of five fantastic guys who came met in our portfolio semesters in the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. The special feature for us was that he came from the same village, from Erlenbach. And he had the same background like Michael himself,, because Florian comes from a respected winery family.

First, the goal for Flo was clearly an application for a place for communication design. Interestingly, his work developed but increasingly picturesque, without us having particularly bumped him on it. This expression, which he created with his work was characterized by a great dynamism and was very individually shaped and continue, interspersed in the picturesque expressiveness from its original target for visual communication, especially of typography. This was the beginning of the time an almost complete, picturesque formulated alphabet, which was also the entrance for his first application to the HGB Leipzig.

We were finally not entirely convinced that communication design should remain his first choice and advised him definitely an application in Dusseldorf and other cities to venture of Fine Arts. And in recent days, he informed us that he has applied in Stuttgart for painting and was invited to the exam. THAT’S RIGHT!!! Now we keep our fingers crossed that this works.

Von Maastricht bis Istanbul

From Maastricht to Istanbul

Milena continued her first visit of our portfolio preparation in 2014 with her inscription to the semester courses in 2015-2016 and we were really happy to have her here again. She almost spent a year in Istanbul, where she didm`t only develop her skills in drawing and painting, but also reflecting her life, making experiences with new forms of expressions, getting to know many different people and so coming back with a huge package of good ideas and humor. It was clear that she will apply for an Academy in Istanbul as well, but her first try in 2016 brought the opportunity to study in Maastricht, where she succeed by her first attempt. The same with Düsseldorf at first try. Now, everything seems to be easier and we are looking forward to the applications all around Europe she is planing – and for istanbul:

With her new portfolio she extended her expression in drawing and painting to another level even that she has had to fight hard for it in the beginning. She wanted to continue her work from a year ago and too many things had happened, so this didm`t work at all. Now she got to find a new way and, while fighting for it, she made it and extended her skills, her expressions, her ideas, just everything, lightly, intensive, good.

We wer so pleased to have her here again and we will be happy any time she passes by.

Dobble-effect for Doro

As Doro came into the wportfolio semester of the ERLENBACH ART SCHOOL, she hasn´t lots of experience and showed herself refreshingly naive in many areas. We see this as a major advantage, cause a given person is usually very unveneered against the multiple possibilities of artistic work. Doro was like this, but very fast she proved to be a great talent as a painter and got even more and more desire to compete alongside arts education for Fine Arts.

In both directions, they had success. First, at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle for Art Education and then at the Art Academy in Maastricht in the Netherlands for Visual Arts, together with her semester colleague and friend Milena .

We would wish her to opt for the fine arts, at least initially. So she can explore her great talent more. It would be a shame to her potential. We will be happy either way for her success and we are sure that she will go her way and brings out the best of herselve.

Keep it up!

Lisa digital

Lisa originally wanted to prepare for communications design in our portfolio semester. She drew incessantly, introverted and lost in her own world. She made very quickly very great progress in this area. Yet the substantive aspects of what her drawings were dealing about were far away from what we could imagine for an application in Come Design.

Through a hint from our side she packed her drawings in stop motion films and small videos and- suddenly- everything was there and took care of its content very well. In the course of our portfolio semester in the FROM ERLENBACH ART SCHOOL Lisa made a lot of small, fantastic stop-motion movies, videos and independent drawings and everything developed directly to the field of study “Time-Based Media” that we recommended her to apply for. In particular, at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle this subject is a fantastic place to study, because the Department of Prof. Michaela Schweiger is particularly well cared for and the equipment is very good.

We shared Lisas happiness, who passed the test at the Burg successfully. Now she can use the whole range of facilites there and we wish her the best for her studies.

Constanze says Good Bye Berlin – hello Braunschweig

Constanze  has been the most experienced and oldest participant during the last semesters. She came with a huge package of good experiences in drawing and painting and – above all – with good humor. Regarding her former studies she also was very important for the social structure within the course a a social pedagogue.

It is a pity that we know that „older“ participants do have to work harder to get the possibility for a study in Fine Arts in Germany. They should be further than the younger ones, more defined in what they want to express and still open for everything. A really hard job. So, anyway, the portfolio preparation at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE can also serve for any form of orientation and very good information about all possibilities for a successful application or for a wider form of artistic living. All these different aspects world fantastic with Constanze and so we hope that she will find a place at an Academy that respects her art work and her development she made, even that she is older than 30 years. We keep fingers crossed for her and we will be happy to hear from her again.


Jules way to the Art Academy UdK

Jule is a very quiet, very special person. You could see it even in her first early works she made at our Art School. Portraits in charcoal, which dived formally in the background, disappeared in fog and only dimly emerged. The work took time and Jule worked constantly and focused and developed her own technology  successively. Despite the dark, gloomy work, or perhaps because of, her art work radiated from an uncommon individuality.

It made us much joy to observe and to accompany her in this development  and we were pleased with her when she was accepted at the University of Arts (UdK) with her first application and we hope for her and wish her, that she will be well accompanied in her further studies.

HH- Hamburg or Halle

Charlotte made a lot of different experiences living in abroad for an amount of time. She arrived from Israel when she came to us to join the portfolio preparation in the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. Related to her experiences she made, she was interested to leave the conservative structures of drawing and painting, extending the artistic fields in performative arts, video and photography to give her ideas, that were mostly also forms of political statements the right Expression. At the end of her time at our Art School, she offered a diversified portfolio at several Academies and succeeded for Fine Arts at the HFBK Hamburg and Art Education at the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle.

It dosen`t matter where she starts, we wish her all the best for the beginning studies in October and share her happiness to start with other participants from the portfolio preparation in her semester.

La banda sudamericana

With Sofia we continue the successful applications from young people from Peru that started their career at our Art School.
Maybe the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE will be known as the Art School in Peru that opens the doors for German Academies. During the last four years, all peruvian applicants could celebrate their acceptance. And we love these fantastic people from all over South America. We made such good experiences with all of them from Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Brasil, Colombia, Venezuela, that had been visiting the portfolio preparation during the last years:

So we didn`t wonder about this new talent coming to our semesters, Sofia, who again made a fantastic job and developed her skills in an incredible good way, heading for a first application at KHB Berlin where she succeeded at once. Fantastic! Now, being even more relaxed, Sofia can make a try at the UdK as well and at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, that we recommend a lot for all those who want to study Fine Arts.


Irrepressible will of Anna

With her strong and irrepressible will for a study in Costume and Stage Design  Anna will be in our mind for a long time. Every week she showed us new works, new ideas and new formulations of all that and impressed not only us from the team but also all other participants. Her aims were straight away directed towards a successful application and we were convinced that she will make it.
While she only focused for an application at the UdK in Berlin, we persuaded her of an additional application at the smaller Academy KHB – an she succeeded.

Now she still has the opportunity to apply for UdK, but she can handle it more relaxed and we support her in any way she needs. What a delight for all of us, what a pleasure to having had her in our semester. We celebrate this really good deal!

Find out your way

Can you speak of a success regarding at a person who breaks the portfolio course? Gonca has once again shown us that this is going well. The German-Turkish-born young woman came specially because our course from Dusseldorf  to Berlin. But she did remain “a rheinisches girl” entirely. She probably couldn`t believe it herself, but this has been exactly what she reflected in a very short time more and more. On top of that she recognized that a portfolio of architecture hard and intense work and thus she had also to think about.

We supported Gonca with all these problems in her orientation period, she was grateful we helped her on her way. So, anyone wishing to use our portfolio preparation as orientation is as right as those who already have some concrete ideas of a study. It is not at all self-evident anymore from the beginning. To find out what you want, our portfolio preparation can help not to pursue a course of study. And this might be the first step to a further success in your carreer.

We wish Gonca all the best on her way and look forward every now and then to hear from her.

First success in Leipzig for Florian

Florians first attempt for a study in Communication Design has been his first success
2016-02-26 14.20.59

regarding the last month sinche September, Florians work really developped a lot. First he came with a single interest, just for a study in Communication Design. But further on he recognized his interest and the joyful playing with colours and paint and developped his skills to high quality in this subject. Even that he still keeps faithful towards Communication Design, regarding his topics in his pictures, mainly letters, he thinks about an application for Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf as well..

With this approval, we are continuing the success of the applications at the art academies in 2016. Already the first applications at the small Berlin Academy KHB were very successful. So we are confident that we will achieve the 80 percent mark in approvals adopted this year. Yip!

Oona, bleibt sie in Berlin?

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Mit Oona ist die zweite von drei Bewerbern zur Prüfung an die KHB für visuelle Kommunikation eingeladen worden. Bei der großen Anzahl an Bewerber_innen ist das für sie wie für uns ein sehr guter Einstand. Wir freuen uns riesig, dass sie so jung und mit ihrer ersten Bewerbung gleich die erste Hürde nehmen konnte und wir bleiben wie bei Janni zuversichtlich, dass sie mit ihren Prüfungsergebnissen letzlich auch die Zusage zur Zulassung bekommen wird

Janni kommuniziert

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Janni wurde mit ihrer ersten Bewerbung für Kommunikationsdesign an der KHB angenommen. In diesem viel beworbenen Umfeld ist dies schon eine echte, erste Auszeichnung und wir fiebern nun alle mit, dass sich der Wunsch zum Traumstudium erfüllt. Sie bringt alles dafür mit!

Mia bewahrt sich die zweite Chance

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Nachdem Mia bereits in Hamburg einen Studienplatz für Textildesign sicher hat, klappte es auch mit der ersten Bewerbung an der kleinen Akademie in Weissensee mit der Zulassung zu den Prüfungen. Durch die Sicherheit von Hamburg kann sie es locker angehen lassen. Wir freuen uns wenn sie die Auswahl hat und sind uns sicher, dass sie auch diese Hürde der Prüfungsaufgaben in Berlin nimmt.

Paulina schwebt zur Prüfung ein

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Paulina hat es mit ihrer ersten Bewerbung in die Prüfung an der KHB geschafft und in der zurückliegenden Woche ebendort für die Zulassung an den Aufgabenstellungen gearbeitet. Nun drücken wir weiter die Daumen für den letztlichen Erfolg, den sie sich verdient hat.

Anna und das Theater

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Anna besuchte unsere Kurse des Mappencoaching und zeigte dort, dass sie es unbedingt will, nämlich einen Studienplatz für Bühnen- und Kostümbild. Anna sprüht vor Ideen, Lust und Energie für diesen Beruf und tut alles dafür, dass sich dieser Wunsch erfüllt. Mit der Zulassung zur Prüfung ist sie ihrem Traumberuf nun einen Schritt näher gekommen und wir sind zuversichtlich, dass sie durch gute Prüfungsergebnisse und ihre Motivation auch die zweite Hürde nimmt. Toitoitoi.

First success in the current autumn semester for Mia

What a joy in the autumn semester. With the first application in the current semester Mia has made the leap to the entrance exam for Textile Design in Hamburg. We keep fingers crossed for the tests in early November. We are very confident that she will succeed in the exam and fix a place for the study..

Nico completed the Düdorf-Trio

Nico from Luxemburg knew like Mirjam, who came from Italy to us, that he wants to apply for Fine Art. There was no lack on ideas for his pictures at all and he has a real good, sometimes crazy imagination, surreal, fatastic and very wilful.
We supported his decision not to apply at the Academy Weissensee and his wish to try an application in Düsseldorf, certainly one of the best Academies in Ggermany. He succeeded in a brilliant way.

Gregorio- der Vielseitige

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Gregorio ist ein vielseitig interessiertes Talent, dessen Fähigkeiten sowohl in der Musik als auch in der bildenden Kunst gleichermaßen veranlagt und dessen Herangehensweise angesichts seines jugendlichen Alters extrem gut ausgebildet sind. Es war dennoch von Anfang an deutlich sichtbar, dass es für die Beurteilung während der Bewerbung an einer Hochschule, für die sich die Professoren Januar sehr wenig Zeit nehmen, sehr schwierig werden wird um die Qualitäten seines Talents zu erkennen. Craig R gehört sicherlich zu jenen Personen, welchen zu Unrecht der Zugang zu einer Hochschule verwehrt wurde. Wir sind uns aber sicher, dass er mit einer wiederholten Bewerbung sehr große Chancen auf eine Zulassung haben wird und wir sind uns auch sicher, dass wir noch viel von ihm hören und sehen werden.

Nahe am Tierpark

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Su ist ein absolutes Multitalent. Sie studierte bereits ein paar Jahre Musik an einer Musikakademie in Hamburg, entschloss sich aber dann doch für die bildende Kunst und bereitete sich in den Semestern bei uns auf die Bewerbung für Malerei vor. Mit ihrer dynamischen Art brachte sie viele hervorragende, meist abstrakte Arbeiten hervor und überzeugte damit an der Kunstakademie Nürnberg die Professoren. Wir freuen uns sehr für sie, da wir wissen, dass sie dort eine sehr gute und intensive Betreuung erfährt und auch dass sie ihr musikalisches wie darstellendes, performatives Talent gleichermaßen ausbauen kann.

Miriam zieht es auch nach Düsseldorf

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Mirjam war die zweite Italienerin in diesem Jahrgang. Für sie war klar, dass sie einen Studienplatz für Malerei anstrebt und dieses Ziel verfolgte sie sehr konsequent. In ihren Arbeiten erschuf sie Farbräume, die, obgleich abstrakt formuliert, transzendent in die Tiefe führten. Mit diesen ungewöhnlich gut formulierten ersten Werken überzeugte sie sowohl die Kunstakademie in Hamburg als auch jene in Düsseldorf. Sie entschied sich für Düsseldorf und wir sind froh, dass sie ihre malerische Entwicklung dort unter namhaften Professoren fortführen kann.

Auf an den Rhein

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Julia kam zu uns mit einer sehr festen Vorstellung, nämlich Malerei studieren zu wollen. Sie war sich dabei sehr sicher ohne dass sie bereits viel davon gemacht hatte. Mit dieser Zuversicht arbeitete sie kontinuierlich an der Ausformulierung ihrer persönlichen Handschrift und erfand dabei um gewöhnliche Bildwelten, mit denen sie die Kommission sowohl an der Kunstakademie Hamburg als auch in Düsseldorf überzeugen konnte.

Lisa an die badische Sonne

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Lisa kam aus Süddeutschland zu uns und hatte auch den Wunsch von vorne herein sich dort zu bewerben. Ihr Interesse für Kommunikationsdesign verfolgte sie sehr konsequent und mit großer Ausdauer. Wir freuten uns, dass Sie die intensive Zeit bei uns mit der erfolgreichen Bewerbung in Karlsruhe krönen konnte.

Bühne frei für Robin

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Robyn machte bereits vor dem Kurs bei uns etliche Erfahrungen mit Praktikas im Bereich Bühnenbild. Robyn experimentierte sowohl mit Zeichnung und Malerei aber insbesondere mit dem Medium der Fotografie, um seinen bildnerischen Ideen Ausdruck zu verleihen. Seine Herangehensweise war mehr eine Spurensuche dessen was die Welt für ihn zum fotografieren vorhielt. Nachdem er sich bereits im letzten Jahr an der UDK beworben hatte, schaffte er es mit seiner Bewerbung nach unserem Kurs auf Anhieb. Wir freuten uns sehr für ihn, da wir wissen, dass dies genau der Weg ist, der für ihn wichtig und gut ist.

Eva hat es an die UdK geschafft

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Eva interessierte sich zu Beginn der Semester für Kostüm und bündelt und wechselte im Verlauf des Kurses doch zu Kunsterziehung. Mit ihrer Mappe, für die sie sich viel Zeit genommen hat, bewarb sie sich an der UDK und dies auf Anhieb erfolgreich.

Carmina geht nach Wien

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Carmina war eine von vielen ausländischen Teilnehmenden, welche im Jahrgang 2014-2015 vielfach von Südamerika zu uns kamen. Carmina kam mit einem abgeschlossenen Studium zu uns und dem Wunsch sich trotz eines bereits bestehenden Abschlusses nochmals an einer Hochschule in Deutschland oder Österreich zu bewerben. Carmina arbeitete sehr langsam und sehr sehr genau und entwickelte fantastische Zeichnungen, welche oft einen landschaftlichen Charakter in sich trugen. Ihre erfolgreiche Bewerbung an der Angewandten in Wien war ein folgerichtige Erfolg und freute uns sehr.

Clara wird Berlinerin

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Clara hatte sich bereits ein Jahr vorher schon einen eine Akademie beworben, entschied sich für die nächsten Bewerbungen für unsere Mappenvorbereitung und arbeitete in den drei Semestern, die Sie bei uns verbrachte in den verschiedensten Medien und sehr intensiv an einer individuellen Gestaltung und Umsetzung ihrer Interessen. Mit einer Mappe, die sowohl medial als auch malerisch geprägt war schaffte sie auf Anhieb die Aufnahmeprüfung und die Aufnahme an der kleinen Kunstakademie in Berlin Weißensee für Bildhauerei.

Samara im Glück

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Samara kam ebenso wie Lisa mit dem Interesse für Kommunikationsdesign zu uns. Im Gegensatz zu Lisa arbeitete sie allerdings sehr stark konzeptuell. Darüber hinaus hatte sie große Lust, ihr politisches Interesse mit dem gestalterischen Interesse zu verbinden. Eine Bewerbung an der Burg Giebichenstein in Halle verstanden wir insofern als ein folgerichtiges, als dass es dort einen Schwerpunkt auf Typografie gibt, welches auch im Focus des Interesses von Samara lag. Wr freuten uns sehr, dass ihre erste Bewerbung dort dann auch mit Erfolg abgeschlossen werden konnte.

Anna kann es sich aussuchen

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Anna kam direkt von der Schule zu uns und war in dem Semester eine von mehreren Berlinerinnen.. Noch sehr stark geprägt von den schulischen Ereignissen, die erst kurze Zeit vorher abgeschlossen wurden, arbeitete Anna auch zunächst in einem recht schulischen Kontext. Mit der Zeit entwickelte sie mehr und mehr ihre eigene, ganz konkrete und sehr eigenständige individuelle Handschrift und schaffte in der Zeit in der sie bei uns arbeitete (drei Semester) drei sehr sehr gute Mappen mit der sie an verschiedenen Hochschulen erfolgreich ihre Bewerbung abschließen konnte. Die Entscheidung, ob sie nun an der HfBK Hamburg, an der Burg Giebichenstein oder an der UDK studieren wird hat sie erst spät entschieden. Letztlich fiel die Entscheidung für Halle.

Die Burg wird brasilianisch-Dank Dana

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Dana war eine von zwei Brasilianern, welche in dem Jahrgang 2014-2015 bei uns die Kurse besuchte. Danach brauchte eine ganze Zeit um sich ihrer eigenen Formensprache sicher zu werden, entwickelte dann aber umso gezielter ihre eigenen Blätter für die Mappe. Sie entschied sich für die Bewerbung für Textildesign an der Burg Giebichenstein und an der Kunsthochschule Weißensee. Mit beiden Bewerbungen war sie erfolgreich, ihre Entscheidung fiel für Halle, weil es dort zwei verschiedene Bereiche für Textildesign gibt.

Catherine folgt dem Ruf zur Burg

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Katherine kam erst im Frühjahrssemester zu uns und brachte einige Erfahrungen mit, welche sie sehr Gewinn bringend für sich und ihre Bewerbung an der Burg Giebichenstein für Kommunikationsdesign einsetzen konnte. Ihre Bewerbung dort führte direkt zu den gewünschten Erfolg.

Lisa communicates at the KHB

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In den letzten Jahren haben unsere Bewerber_innen für Kommunikationsdesign immer wieder sehr erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Mit der Bewerbung von Lisa (hier links im Bild) in diesem Jahr kann diese Serie erfolgreich fortgesetzt werden und wir freuen uns wahnsinnig für Lisa, da sie so nervös und fast verzweifelt war bis dann die Zusage kam.

Fabian from Ecuador succeeded twice

Fabian from Ecuador amended our strong group of participants coming from South America this year. Having applied for animation he isucceeded twice and can prepare for two exams. With its very fine, funny and quirky animation, he convinced the commission at the HFF Potsdam and Cologne. We are so happy for him and are convinced that he will persist despite his young age the exams. We keep fingers crossed !!!

Paola succeeded in product design at the KHB

Paola, coming from Colombia to our school has been successful applying at the KHB Berlin Weissensee. Until now she is not decided to stay in Berlin, maybe the mentality in Spain fits better for her study. We will see. Thank you for being here and congratulations.


Southamerica is going to occupy the KHB

This year we had some young people from South America as our guests. One of them was Ximena from Peru who really wanted to apply at the KHB Weissensee, although we have advised her to apply in Dusseldorf at a proper painting academy. Of course, she has managed the exam and convinced the professors also in the review. Now she will stay in Berlin and enriches our success statistics in the best sense. Congratulations and thank you!

Agate mit erster Bewerbung erfolgreich

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Agathe ist die Kursteilnehmerinnen, welche die längste Anfahrt von ihrem Heimatland aus zu uns hatte. Sie kam von Bali nach Berlin, um sich an einer Hochschule in Deutschland zu bewerben. Obwohl Agathe unglaublich langsam arbeitete, schaffte sie eine sehr spezielle und sehr individuelle Mappe und erhielt mit ihrer ersten Bewerbungen auch die erste Einladung zur Prüfung. Auch wenn sie dort aus sprachlichen Gründen nicht erfolgreich abschließen konnte, war dies doch ein erster und sehr guter Erfolg.

Art for Art incorporates Marlene in Vienna

Marlene would like to create a very wide and very deep foundation for her artistic work. And so it doesn`t surprise us that she recorded directly with her first application at the theater workshops of “Art for Art” in Vienna to expand her knowledges at the local “Malersaal”.

During her time at theVON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. she developed her work very independently and always surprising with high quality. Although an application for any Art School would end more than likely positive, she decided to give preference for this step, practical work on the independent artistic work. And this, to give her independent work more weight in the near future.

A great success, as we find and a very straightforward and thoughtful as sensible decision in terms of her goals.

Luise` decision

Today we were pleased with the visit of Milena (left) and Louise (right), who were participants in the past semesters,  2013 to 2014.
While Milena deepened her artistic work with a study visit to Turkey, Istanbul, we have been informed by Louise that she gave up the playing field of artistic exploration. She began an internship at the hospital. This makes so much fun that she decided to begin a full training in this area.

We were very happy, as the semester courses were an important time for her and with our help she got an an orientation that finally did not lead her towards an application at a Academy, but towards a decision in the right direction.

Our semester courses serve many participants for orientation and thus we see the development of Luise in the context of our offers as a great success. Not everyone must professionalize himself artistically. It’s more important that you fill with joy and motivation the professional field for which you choose.

Paula is taking the first step for the UdK

Paula has been one of these young persons who did not find a place the portfolio semester course. So she came to the portfoliocoaching. That means, she worked at home and came to regular consultations with her works visiting us. Ultimately, she also was successful with her application for Fine Art at the UdK Berlin. She will take part at the final exams. We wish you all the best and good luck!!!

A Triple for Moritz

This has been really good news, yesterday. Moritz told us that he applied successfully at the Art Academies in bern and Luzern, both situated in Swizzerland as well as at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. This is a fantastic triple.  We both hope you will decide for Düsseldorf as some of the last semester did. It is a fantastic Academy for painters.  But, however you decide, all the best to you, good luck and success and congratulations to you.

High versality

Lisa shows a high versality in different fields regarding the Arts. She easily moves between dance, performance, Fine Arts and video. Therefore it is not really hard to understand that she applied for different subjects at different Academies. With her first attempt at the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle she has been invited to the exam and accepted for a study for time based media. Now she got the next invitation for Arts and Media at the UdK in Berlin. A really wonderful success for you. We will be on your side when you`re in the exam. Best wishes!!!


So finally, after having applied in the various academies Tania can now  rejoice with Mary that the Art Academy  Düsseldorf decided to select her for a place of study. As our duo is thus reunited,  the Academy can look forward and adjust to the fact that it can be very funny from next semester there. We look forward for you Tania….. and of course for both of you.

Laura at the UdK

Now let’s not prejudge, but the first step is done successfully, because Laura is invited to the exams at the University of Arts (UdK) in art education and that is for her and us very good news. With her experience, she will surely overcome the upcoming test also perfect. We keep our fingers crossed and congratulate you on your success!

Lena accepted for three exams

There was not only one single success but three at one time. Having the invitation for Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts in Vienna, the invitation for Art Education at the Academy in Stuttgart and the UdK in Berlin followed this week. So, another triple for a high talented you lady from the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE who took the chance  during the semesters to make her own way. Congratulations to you!!

Aiko will stay in Berlin

Aiko came with two wishes from Japan to Berlin. She wanted to apply at an Art Academy with a fabulous portfolio and she wanted to stay in Berlin! In the end her dreams became real. Having been accepted not only to the exam at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee but also for a place to study, she continued this success by an invitation to the exam at the UdK in Berlin. Great respect to you. We are sure you will make it.

Maria, Maria

We almost can`t believe it how good things develop for Maria. Applying for three Academies until now, she has been accepted by all of them. Two study place are sure, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. At the UdK she has been invited for the final exam. Having such a success we are sure you will also manage this last exam with a good work and with humor.

Jolle on her way

Having been accepted for the exams at the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle, Jolle has been informed that she will also be part of the exams at the FH Potsdam and Wismar. These are good news and in the end she will be spoilt for choice. All the best for the next steps!!!

Miriam on stage

For Miriam, we have been once again very pleased that the application has gone well, because she came relatively late in the semester course and had taken quite a while until she had found her style and was able to delve right into her work. Berlin streched her to the limit, but eventually the tide turned for the better and she`s been thrilled to having been invited to the University of Arts in stage design. We keep fingers crossed that it will end in a commitment to a place to study at the end.

Tania scent the air of Vienna

For Kathrin and me it sounds really great that a young lady like tania is willing to leave her hometown for a while and to start her studies for Fine Arts somewhere else. So she applied successful in Hamburg and has been invited to the exam. Now follows the invitation to the Academy of Arts in Vienna. We are sure you will convince them with your specific nature and humor. We both wish you all the best and good luck!!!

Lioba `s third invitation

Lioba receives a lot of respect by having sent three portfolios to three different Art Academies and having been invited by all of them. What a success. Respect!!! And all the best for the final exams in Stuttgart  and at the UdK Berlin for stage design. We are sure you will make it.

Halle or Vienna for Leonie

So if you apply for several Academies for a study of Fine Arts, don`t wonder if you will be accepted at several Academies having passed the semester course of the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. in Berlin. Leonie applied for time based media at the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle and succeeded wit a place to study. Next step, next success. Having applied for the exam in Vienna at the Academy of Arts, she has been invited again. We`ll hope you will also take the chance there. Good luck!!!

Milenas next success

Now, once again, the application for the next Art Academy has been successful. Even when the first invitation at the UdK did not end in a certified study place, we are sure you will make it this time in Braunschweig. Yap!!

Verena will move to Braunschweig

After having visited the open days at the Art Academy in Braunschweig, it sounds like Verena would be really keen on starting with her studies in Art Education there. So this was good news to hear that she has been accepted for the exam with her portfolio she prepared at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. and we send you all the best wishes to the ultimate possible success.

Hanna alongside the Rhein or Donau

Hanna has already received several commitments for participation in examinations. In addition to a firm commitment to Düsseldorf, where the portfolio is taken purely on the evaluation of the works, she also has the chance to tak part in the exams at the Art Academy in Vienna. Either way, she certainly will soon begin her studies in fine arts alongside the Rhine or the Donau . Great success, Hanna. We keep fingers crossed for Vienna and congratulate you forthe successful application in Düsseldorf !

Max at HTW Berlin

Now it`ll  become true that Max can begin his desirable study as a  product designer. For the moment “congratulations” from us! After the successful application for the exam the confirmation came rather fast also for the study. So go on with it. We wish you all success for it!!

Leonie is taking the next chance

After the successful admission to the examinations at the KHB Berlin Weissensee in sculpture  the successful application followed with the next admission for time-based media at the Giebichenstein. Leonie is, as Lisa in the tests. Great thing and certainly another good experience. Yap!

Jolle concentrated

Jolle made ​​herself a heavy head, worked very hard and was rewarded for communication design in the end. She`s been accepted  after the application for the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. Now she must focus the next few days just as she did it at our VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. Good luck Spechthausen!

Time based media for Lisa

After we were asked by the professor for time-based media to introduce this new course to our course participants, Lisa has successfully promoted and rewarded equally with the first application for the exams. This gives us hope for more. And we are very confident that she will master the exam. ToiToiToi!

Lena let it roll

With the second major round of applications according to the KHB and Hamburg our course participants have resounding success at the Burg Giebichenstein. Lena managed today with their first application for arts education the admission to the examination and looking forward to the following day. We keep our fingers crossed!

Anni with a big success at Burg Giebichenstein

Anni has done a good job right. With the first application she finds equal input in the tests for Communication Design at the Burg Giebichenstein, making it as good as Jolle, the second in the round of successful design aspirants. We wish youl success and good nerves for the coming days!!!

Maybe Laura will study Media

After Laura has been accepted for the exam at the Kunstakademie in Dresden,  the invitation to the exams at the Hochschule der Künste in Leipzig followed for Media Design. We are curious where the road leads you.

Elodie is making fashion

After having missed any kind of information from Elodie, we were really lucky to hear the following news

Love Kathrin and Michael,

Thanks for everything if only this year. Thanks to you that I got a place for fashion design at the KHB Weissensee. The three days during the exam were terrible, especially for the nerves.  Having a fix place at the KHB i still want to apply for the UdK aswell, because I prefer to study there. I hope to see you soon again.

And thank you for your great work.


Maya, full of humor

Maya has a reflective size that is paired with a very pronounced and sly humor that made ​​us laugh again and again. This she sowed both in the semester and in her portfolio. So that was pleasure at the highest level. Great thing that this has also be seen by the Commission for Communication Design. They invited Maya with the first application for the exam. What a joy!

Great Antonia

Antonia is an exception. She is is really deep in herself and in an always reflective way, varying new ways to her own development out. This looked sometimes stoically, while it is the purest confidence in her own actions. In this way she developped her work reflectively and intensively, which led her promptly to the exam with the first application at the KHB Weissensee. Even if she still fluctuates, not knowing if she could stand the recuirements as an indipendently working artist, we are very confident that she will make her way. Well done.

Paula at her best

Paula, a multi-talented. Well, where to go long now? Communication design, painting, art education, …? Easily could Paula explore  and fill the various areas with intuitive force and artistic flair. Now she has passed the first application for painting to a great success at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee like some of our current semester participants.  A twist of fate. Bravo!

Buddhistic dimensions

Aiko is a Buddhist Monk and grew up in a monastery in Japan. Accordingly, she had never a problem in unbroken discipline  to develop her ideas. Is was much more difficult to visualize her topic, the “Nothing” for a portfolio. We were very happy to hear that the Commission understood her wit and her intension and invited her for the examination of sculpture at the KHB. A great success!

Not while sleeping

Stephan is a night worker. Therefore it was not always easy with the early start at the art school. But that did not stop him from a fabulous development in his artistic works, which ultimately led him to the Academy of Arts in Berlin Weissensee for the subject sculpture. You can`t imagine how were looking forward for you. Now we keep our fingers crossed for further success!

Marias world of pictures

Mary had initially nothing more than a safe inner feeling that she wants to study painting.During her  time in the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE.  she could fill her inner confidence with images that opened ​​the room  for a confident application. Maria succeeded at her first attempt at the KHB Weissensee in Berlin. Wow. Perfect!

Leonie straight ahead

Leonie developed a remarkable sense within the various fields of artistic creation. From small paintings on a bundle of abstract drawings to very “peculiar”, very good videos, she worked in a variety of artistic expressions. And that was to a further guarantee of admission to the exams at the Academy of Arts Weissensee. And rightly so. She makes her way and we are happy for her!!

There is a lot inside

Hanna is one of the resistant, highly disciplined participants in semester 2013-2014. She is full of ideas and gives them this space and time to develop. So it is no wonder that she too found herself among the eight eligible applicants in the exams of Fine Arts at the KHB. Of course, good!!

Lea surprised

This result Lea had not expected. Lea started late with a individual work, always tormented by doubts, but yet she found her way to the exam with a well structured portfolio, follow the road to the examination of sculpture at the Art College Weissensee and was one of  four applicants that have been approved for this department. Congratulations!

Live is a Stage

Lioba also belongs to our very young participants semester 2013-2014 and yet is already a mature and serious personality. With great discipline and intensity, she developed her portfolio for the first application of the Weissensee Art Academy for stage and costume design. And with success. She was admitted to the examination. What a great thing. Congratulations!!

Digitalised and printed

Some participants of the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE do have their own view of the world and the originality that is needed for preparing a good portfolio from the beginning. This was also evident in the case of Katharina. And so we weren`t surprised but very lucky for her seeing her in the exam at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee . She was the first one that designed a wider part of her portfolio with the help of different computer programs (Adobe), mixed with   drawings and sketches.

Man with a hat

Michael wore almost the entire time a hat and developed through this already something of a trademark. However, this certainly has n`t been the reason for the admission for the exam at the Academy of Arts in Berlin Weissensee. Therefore he developped picturesque works that showed the skills significantly. Fantastic. Now we are waiting for the test results. Good luck!!!

Tania, the youngest

Tania was the youngest participant of the semester courses of VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. in 2014. She has developped a wonderful work and achieved  the examination of the small Academy in Berlin, the KHB, playful as she worked with us. Great thing. Well good luck to the final commitment.!!

Milena is going her way

Milena is one of 9 applicants of Fine Arts and the first of the eight approved for the exam and thus our guarantee of success for 2014. We keep fingers crossed to you and the others and we are expecting a positive result in the end.

The world of Laura

Maybe Laura (in the middle) will set up her world around Dresden  when she will be accepted after the tests in Dresdenwher she has been invited. The first step is already a great success. Now we keep our fingers crossed that things will continue in this direction.

Danas Choice

Following the commitment to the tests at the Art Academy in Berlin Weissensee  the invitation for the tests in Dresdenstill followed during the tests in Berlin. The first double success in 2014. YipYip!

Milena is the first one in 2014

Milena competed in 2014 the first ever. She opted for costume design at the University of Arts, and was invited promptly. That was a very good start in the application phase, not only for her but also for us. We keep our fingers crossed that you`ll get a positive response.

After the success in Potsdam, Miriam makes a try in Berlin

Miriam really wants to know now. Even after the commitment for communion design in Potsdam with the highest possible score she`ll make the exam at the UDK for the same subject even there to have the choice in the end where to study.

In addition to Leipzig and Potsdam a triple win could set up with a final commitment. We keep our fingers crossed!

Malte on Goethes traces

After the first success at the exams at KHB and the Burg Giebichenstein, Malte semms to be sure that he will start his studies for Product Design at Weimar.

We have been glad tremendously for you and we are sure that you will get a very good education there.

Olivia stays in Berlin

This was a success with announcement. Olivia cannot be disconcerted by the first check in the white lake KHB and strictly worked on the licensing for the UDK, unflustered and vigorously.

We almost expected that this fact would lead to success. The joy is still gigantic. There you are right and you will feel fine. All the best for you!!!

Nina on top

Nina (in the middle) has a clera head and she knows that her decision for Düsseldorf is fixed even though there are plenty of possibilities for her, having succeeded not only there but also in Berlin KHB, Berlin UDK and Nürnberg.
As far as she would also be invited to Munich, where she also applied, she would be the top scorerer we ever had at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE gab.

Nothing more occurs to us but to congratulate you again and again. Every single acreditation was well-deserved. You really performed extraordinary.

Perfect double for Johanna

So, this is it. Now, after big disappointments in the first round and after really a lot of work, the wage twice comes. After the certification of Hamburg the next assent certifies a place at the UDK for Fine Arts.
This is really wonderful and completely well deserved. What joy for you like for us. Fantastic!

Tessa got to decide

Dear Tessa (left),now, where do you want to go, wher do you want to study and what subject will it be? Will you go to Weissensee for Textile Design or to UDK for Fine Arts, working further on as an artist?

We wish you to make the right decision! And we are glad about your double victory!

Lucky Olivia

See how it looks like when we get the news from a participant having been accepted:

Dear Katrin and Michael,
I have been invited to the exam at the UDK! I have to improve my German now, I haven`t spoken since I left the course. But this is working in both languages:




Double success for Sophia

Sophia, who succeeded in Halle for Communication Design in Mai, has been invited to the exam at the UDK for Fine Arts as well.
Like we expected.

We are really lucky for her and we hope, she will make the right decision in the end.

3 for Düsseldorf

Having celebrated with Netty and Nina their positive reply for the approval of Dusseldorf, David surprised us today with the news that he also received a positive response.

Thus, there were 3 of 3 successful applications. We wish you, David, an exciting time in the Rhine metropolis and a great development in your work!

What a painter

Still in disbelief that she was adopted in Dusseldorf for painting, Netty is still incredibly pleased about the second commitment after Dresden.

Now she got to admit that she does not fit at communication design as we told her long before. So we are pleased with her ​​that her exceptional talent is recognized exactly where the training promises a very high degree of development of their potential.

We are looking forward to your first show!

Sophia digital

Sophia from Swizzerland finally made it at Halle as well. Having struggled so hard she succeeded with her curious videoworks and she has also been invited to a videofestival. So this is an amazing double success for you

Hugs from all friends involved at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE.

Sophie succeeded in Halle

We hardly couldn`t wait any longer for the letter that they have sent to Sophie the last days. Finally she made it in Halle and will start her studies in sculpturing at the Burg Giebichenstein.
Yo made a really good job, Sophie (on the right).


The Rhine Daughter

With an extremely strong appearance throughout the entire semesters Nina has created an excellent starting point for her studies. Back and tossed between Textile Desin, Fashion and Art Education, Nina not only worked out the largest number of different portfolios, she hereby also found out, which area of ​​study she is really interested in the most.

So for us it was no big surprise, but a great joy that she gets exactly a place where she prefered to go, to Düsseldorf, Department of Art Education.

We are sure that your joy and discipline and creativity will lead to a very good degree. Respect!

Julia will start her studies in Vienna

After the initial commitment of sculpture at the KHB Weissensee, Julia was not deterred and followed her heart by applying as well for Stage Design in Vienna.

As if it were the most natural thing in the world she got a place in Vienna and Julia has also been decided to start studying there.

What a resounding success. We are very happy for you and wish you all the best!

Lea made her choice for Leipzig

After the first commitment for the small Berlin academy Weissensee (KHB) Lea the next confirmation from the Academy in Leipzig. So wishes fulfilled because Leipzig was her first choice. So she will be there, starting her studies in October.

Well done! And good luck to your further way!!!