Constanze says Good Bye Berlin – hello Braunschweig

Constanze  has been the most experienced and oldest participant during the last semesters. She came with a huge package of good experiences in drawing and painting and – above all – with good humor. Regarding her former studies she also was very important for the social structure within the course a a social pedagogue.

It is a pity that we know that „older“ participants do have to work harder to get the possibility for a study in Fine Arts in Germany. They should be further than the younger ones, more defined in what they want to express and still open for everything. A really hard job. So, anyway, the portfolio preparation at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE can also serve for any form of orientation and very good information about all possibilities for a successful application or for a wider form of artistic living. All these different aspects world fantastic with Constanze and so we hope that she will find a place at an Academy that respects her art work and her development she made, even that she is older than 30 years. We keep fingers crossed for her and we will be happy to hear from her again.