King Roland at his best

There are only a few things that surprise you. But the meeting with our friend “King Roland” was again very surprising. Since the joint EU-funded project MAMA (motivation of Art_Art of Motivation), which was carried out by us from 2010-2012, Roland works as an artist with extremely spastic disabilities. And this incredibly successful. I had met him yesterday for a long time and he showed me the most diverse videos of his performances with non – disabled dancers at home and abroad. Very impressive. After spending a month in Argentina, he attended the opera house of Christoph Schlingensief in Burkina Faso, both with performances, and had some performances in Berlin, Hamburg and Kassel. There, he will also be teaching performance with disabled and non-disabled people from January to April. He will also perform in Argentina for the next two months with the support of the German Embassy, again in Burkina Faso and Denmark.

In addition, there will be a book, which he will be releasing and a Kinofilm in February.
And with all this, it is particularly impressive that Roland is one of the best-spirited people I know.


Please visit his website and videos