First success in Leipzig for Florian

Florians first attempt for a study in Communication Design has been his first success
2016-02-26 14.20.59

regarding the last month sinche September, Florians work really developped a lot. First he came with a single interest, just for a study in Communication Design. But further on he recognized his interest and the joyful playing with colours and paint and developped his skills to high quality in this subject. Even that he still keeps faithful towards Communication Design, regarding his topics in his pictures, mainly letters, he thinks about an application for Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf as well..

With this approval, we are continuing the success of the applications at the art academies in 2016. Already the first applications at the small Berlin Academy KHB were very successful. So we are confident that we will achieve the 80 percent mark in approvals adopted this year. Yip!