Feedback from Marguerite and Lionel

Again and again former participants write us, even after years. So these days two messages, one of Marguerite from the Netherlands and one from Lionel came in
Thank you both.

Marguerite:Everything I have learned at this school 7 years ago is still of great value to me today. It was a perfect combination between learning the foundations of fine art (2d), and developing a personal style. The classes were intensive and of excellent quality, offering intel from a great variety of highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers whom I have nothing but fond memories of. I would recommend the school to anyone who aspires to be accepted in to a good art school.

Lionel: Erfolgreich auf den Mappenkurs vor 6 Jahren vorbereitet worden.
Im Industriedesign in Magdeburg angenommen worden und auch dort den Master gemacht.
Jetzt erfolgreich in der Anstellung unterwegs. Danke euch beiden!