Find out your way

Can you speak of a success regarding at a person who breaks the portfolio course? Gonca has once again shown us that this is going well. The German-Turkish-born young woman came specially because our course from Dusseldorf  to Berlin. But she did remain “a rheinisches girl” entirely. She probably couldn`t believe it herself, but this has been exactly what she reflected in a very short time more and more. On top of that she recognized that a portfolio of architecture hard and intense work and thus she had also to think about.

We supported Gonca with all these problems in her orientation period, she was grateful we helped her on her way. So, anyone wishing to use our portfolio preparation as orientation is as right as those who already have some concrete ideas of a study. It is not at all self-evident anymore from the beginning. To find out what you want, our portfolio preparation can help not to pursue a course of study. And this might be the first step to a further success in your carreer.

We wish Gonca all the best on her way and look forward every now and then to hear from her.