Mathilde and the Viennese

Mathilde, who came from Denmark into the semesters at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE had first applied at the KHB Weissense. Like Polly she was unfortunately rejected there. That irritated her only briefly, then she took a new attempt for the application for painting in Vienna. Out of 180 applicants, 9 (nine) were selected for the exams. Mathilde was one of them and had taken the first hurdle. After hard days of examination, which were followed by an exhibition of the works in the examination, she was informed on Monday that she was one of the six people who would get a place at university.
That’s fantastic and highly deserved. Mathilde has an incredible power in her work and it has to be pushed out. Now she has the opportunity to do so and a good care on top of that.
YEAHHH!! Respect. We hope you come and visit us often and tell us how you are doing. We wish only the best for the beginning of your studies.