The crazy and successful world of Minji

Minji is from Korea and studied for two years at the Art Academy Nuremberg. As with so many Korean applicants, also Minji does not get along so well with small cities like Nuremberg. Almost all Korean semester participants in the last few years applied from the outset first to the big cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. And even after a successful application to a small academy, it is often the case that a follow-up application takes place at an academy in a large city. So also with Minji. After she accostumed to the specific system of our course, she began to formulate her independent work with increasing assurance and delighted us and the entire course with her often exuberant joyful and positive nature.

We are very happy for her, that with her first application at the UdK she was immediately taken in the field of ART IN CONTEXT and we are very curious how her second application for ART EDUCATION will end there, because she is invited to this exam too. YIP.