“After the open days” is “before the open days” at the Art Academies

At the end of the semester at german Art Academies, we visited various of them this year. On Thursday we started with the tour at the Kunstakademie in Karlsruhe, where we also met our former student YAYA and we were very happy about her company.

As expected, this academy makes a very good impression, especially in the classical fields of Fine Art, painting and sculpture. Absolutely recommendable. In addition, the rooms are fantastic and the student life is very much influenced by mutual support.
After an intermediate stop for an exhibition at ZKM, we continued with the Stuttgart Art Academy on Friday. We were there for the opening and there was a lot of interest in the work of the students. Quite full. This second Art Academy in Baden-Württemberg offers much more courses of study, e.g. architecture, stage and costume design, both very strong. Also the design faculty makes a very good impression.

Last Sunday we visited the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. In addition to seeing many “former” participants, the Burg convinced of many good work in the various disciplines and of its good organization. It was nice to see that the Department of Painting by the new professor Sophia Schama was really strikingly positive, even if the design studies and the area of the time-based arts make a repeatedly excellent impression.

Now we are looking forward to the coming weekend at the KHB and UdK.