Nadja succeeds at UdK

Nadja came to us from Switzerland. Her sister is already studying painting at the UdK and Nadja also wanted to be accepted there for art education. Nadja worked from the beginning on small formats and developed worlds of experience, which had an incredible size in itself. In our Friday seminar it was always exciting to see what others said about her work presentation. It is a rare endeavor that such a small work can claim such a dimension and cast a spell on everyone, even though her work was usually very abstract. Especially in the series, her drawings and paintings worked very well and you could literally understand and comprehend the emotional aspect as well as the thought process, which was based on it. Reflection and empathize. Very impressive. With her portfolio she was invited to the examination for art education at the UdK, but meanwhile she has decided to study art history.

We wish Nadja all the best and who knows, maybe next year she will come back to the possibilities of studying art education.