New course system

With the turn of the year 2022 to 2023, we will start with our new course system for portfolio preparation. In the future, we will offer portfolio courses, portfolio coaching and portfolio consulting.

The biggest change will take place with the switch from long semester units to intensive four-week portfolio courses. The portfolio courses are divided into three parts. Parts one and three will take place actively with us, while part two will be worked on at home by the participants. This makes it easier for those interested to start with our courses, and this new course system allows us greater flexibility.

Portfolio coaching and portfolio consultations will continue as usual, both on-site and online.

In addition, from January 2023 we will offer a morning meditation at 7 am, the dynamic meditation.  Dynamic meditation is a one-hour active meditation that was offered in class by various professors in the 1980s at some art academies to train body awareness in the field of performative arts. More information here.