10 seconds in the life of a sketchbook #01

Within our serie  “10 seconds in the life of a sketchbook” we like to share  a part of a sketchbook, 10 seconds, from different subjects, people come to prepare for:
Fine Arts, Sculpturing, time based media, product design, textile design, fashion design, Art education, stage design, costume design, illustration, communication design, graphics,….

We start with a video from Anna from the semesters 2014-2015 in the subject of Art Education

These sketchbooks should help and support you to formulate your ideas and thereby find your own way to express yourself in a very individual way. This does not work overnight, but improving brings joy, fun and serves to support your own initial ideas that you will find soon.

Please visit also our youtube channel, where you will find lots of videos, either sketchbooks or feedback or a lot of other funny stuff.