La banda sudamericana

With Sofia we continue the successful applications from young people from Peru that started their career at our Art School.
Maybe the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE will be known as the Art School in Peru that opens the doors for German Academies. During the last four years, all peruvian applicants could celebrate their acceptance. And we love these fantastic people from all over South America. We made such good experiences with all of them from Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Brasil, Colombia, Venezuela, that had been visiting the portfolio preparation during the last years:

So we didn`t wonder about this new talent coming to our semesters, Sofia, who again made a fantastic job and developed her skills in an incredible good way, heading for a first application at KHB Berlin where she succeeded at once. Fantastic! Now, being even more relaxed, Sofia can make a try at the UdK as well and at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, that we recommend a lot for all those who want to study Fine Arts.