Langjie continues his artistic studies in Berlin

Langjie came from China to join us at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. He had already successfully completed his studies in painting there and now wanted to continue his studies in Germany, but here in sculpture. Due to this already completed study and by his age of 29 years his prospects for a successful application at a German academy were very limited. But Langjie had quickly learnt from us and also profited a lot from the other participants in the semester. With his discipline and experimental approach he created a very extensive portfolio.

He was already successful with his first application to the Kunstakademie Weissensee. He was invited directly to the examination and a few days later he was promised a place at university.
He achieved something extraordinary with it, because the resistance was greater than with some other applicants.
Outstanding! Respect! But now it’s time for the next applications to the academies in Düsseldorf, Dresden and Munich. And here, too, we are very confident that this will work out. So we keep our fingers crossed, but are also happy when Langjie stays in Berlin so that we can keep in touch easily.
ToiToiToi during my studies