Zora on the roots of Lagerfeld

Zora applied for a study in fashion design at the KHB Weissensee. The classes there are very popular and accordingly, hundreds of applicants* are annually tempted to apply for one of the coveted study places. In our semester, Zora was able to make full use of her abilities and created an excellent portfolio with a very individual and recognizable charm. No wonder, then, that she was invited to take the exam right away. Then followed days of the examination and these days are really heavy. Zora has been nervous, but still unimpressed and two days later she received the admission for the desired subject.

But Zora also applied to the Fashion Academy in London and Brighton. In London, where she had to present her portfolio directly during a personal interview, she was also accepted to study – and – she has already been invited for an interview in Brighton. Wow! What a series of successes, one after the other.

Terrific. We embrace you and wish you the best of success for your studies.