Lisa digital

Lisa originally wanted to prepare for communications design in our portfolio semester. She drew incessantly, introverted and lost in her own world. She made very quickly very great progress in this area. Yet the substantive aspects of what her drawings were dealing about were far away from what we could imagine for an application in Come Design.

Through a hint from our side she packed her drawings in stop motion films and small videos and- suddenly- everything was there and took care of its content very well. In the course of our portfolio semester in the FROM ERLENBACH ART SCHOOL Lisa made a lot of small, fantastic stop-motion movies, videos and independent drawings and everything developed directly to the field of study “Time-Based Media” that we recommended her to apply for. In particular, at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle this subject is a fantastic place to study, because the Department of Prof. Michaela Schweiger is particularly well cared for and the equipment is very good.

We shared Lisas happiness, who passed the test at the Burg successfully. Now she can use the whole range of facilites there and we wish her the best for her studies.