I want to have courage – Isa Genzken

The Grupiusbau currently shows several interesting exhibitions of internationally renowned artists – we can all recommend to visit – Isa Genzken, William Kentridge, Günter Brus, the Maya.

Yesterday we were in the first major retrospective of Isa Genzken. The exhibition shows a fairly comprehensive review of their artistic works of recent decades. The former master student and ex-wife of Gerhard Richter has created a versatile and complex work in over forty years that includes sculptures, installations, films, photographs paintings, works on paper and artist books. Significantly for her work is the selection and combination of such diverse materials as wood, plaster, epoxy resin and concrete. Especially in the more recent works she used plastics and everyday objects and consumer goods.

We were partly surprised and found many works great. Some of the works anh their deeper context remained secretive to us in form and meaning. But the exhibition presents a variety on issues and encourages discussion, you should go there and visitt. More under: Genzken Ausstellung