Sophie takes off in textile design

Sophie, here in the middle of the picture, needed quite a while to find her own creative and unmistakable form of expression. The whole sessions during our class was literally a collection of possibilities and then, suddenly, poampoam, everything that had accumulated for so long exploded. Day after day she did her very own thing and put together a wonderful, fine portfolio. The first application to the KHB Weissensee, not only took her directly to the exam, she has also been accepted to her studies a day later.
The exam days were anything but easy and during days some applicants had to say goodbye. However, with the experience of the many different tasks she got to know at VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE, she was able to take on these tasks at the academy without any problems.
With success!!!
She was the first of this year and we are very happy for her!!! Now we wish her all the best and much success for your studies!