Guyves Weg in die Architektur

Guyves way to architecture

Also Guyve made it as Navot in the examination of architecture at the University of Arts. Now both can prepare together and we will keep our fingers crossed. Guyve and Navot have met in the past few semesters in our art school and spent a lot of time outside the classes together.

So vielseitig die Interessen Guyves auch sein mögen, dem Ziel, sich für Architektur zu bewerben, ist er die ganzen drei Semester treu geblieben. Dabei hat er sich, ähnlich wie Navot, sich nicht konventionell mit Architekturformen auseinandergesetzt, sonder spielerisch, malerisch Formen zu einem eigenständigen Gebilde immer wieder neu erfunden und dabei unterschiedlichste Techniken eingesetzt. Gemeinsamer Charakter war eine konkrete Sauberkeit der Blätter, welche oft im Gegensatz zu explodierenden Formen als Farbelemente standen. Gerade das machte die Arbeit spannend und singulär.

As versatile Guyves interests may be, the aim to apply for architecture, he kept remained true throughout the three semesters. He has, similar to Navot, not conventionally dealt with architectural forms. He worked especiallly playful, with picturesque forms an independent structures, constantly reinvented them and thereby used different techniques. Common character in his works were a concrete cleanliness whith often exploding shapes as colored elements. Just that made the work exciting and singular.

We hope everything turns out in a good way during the exams, so he will stay in Berlin.

Navot dicovers the world- but stays in Berlin

Navot is a frequent traveler and has already seen almost the whole world. So we were pleased that he decided to use a longer stop here in the art school, to prepare for a degree in architecture.
If there was a guarantee of good mood, this was in these semesters certainly Navot. He had good feelings with all the participants and gave each one a good day. Mood was yesterday, today is Navot. That`s been the motto. Fun for all those who could be part of it in these terms.

His work followed Navot priority in different sized sketchbooks, of which there were many at the end of the semester and the form and content has shown very interesting perspectives. Perspectives not in an architectural sense of which there were only details, clippings. It was more his world of his own characterizations of the world surrounding him, which came in the books to light and convinced us as well as the Commission at the UdK. He was invited with his application to the exam, as well as his semester colleague Guyve.

We would be delighted if he positively passes the exam and remains in Berlin the next year.

YaYa worldwide

YaYa, born as Hsuan-Wei, came from London, where she finished her study in goldsmithery. Although she just finished her study in a creative field, she knew exactly that she wants to study Fine Arts. And that`s why she came to our portfolio preparation at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULEand stayed three semesters.

YaYa is from Taiwan and has an absolutely memorable, distinctive voice, which makes her both very impressionable and secondly sympatic. It is the same with her works, which have an incredible expressiveness and with whom she could only have difficulties for an entrance exam because these works are so strong as well, not only in the picturesque formulation, but also in the content dealing with current issues in the field of visual arts. Although YaYa was one of the few participants who had to work for money besides our courses, she has been around as often as possible.

Now YaYa came to visit us, telling that she has been invited in Karlsruhe at the Art Academy for the exam. We wish YaYa from our deepest hearts that they will provide admission to one the application and that she can use and contribute her full potential in her studies of Fine Arts. She has more than earned it in the best sense.

Into the city

Flo was one of five fantastic guys who came met in our portfolio semesters in the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. The special feature for us was that he came from the same village, from Erlenbach. And he had the same background like Michael himself,, because Florian comes from a respected winery family.

First, the goal for Flo was clearly an application for a place for communication design. Interestingly, his work developed but increasingly picturesque, without us having particularly bumped him on it. This expression, which he created with his work was characterized by a great dynamism and was very individually shaped and continue, interspersed in the picturesque expressiveness from its original target for visual communication, especially of typography. This was the beginning of the time an almost complete, picturesque formulated alphabet, which was also the entrance for his first application to the HGB Leipzig.

We were finally not entirely convinced that communication design should remain his first choice and advised him definitely an application in Dusseldorf and other cities to venture of Fine Arts. And in recent days, he informed us that he has applied in Stuttgart for painting and was invited to the exam. THAT’S RIGHT!!! Now we keep our fingers crossed that this works.

Visiting art colleagues

Every now and then we come to Stuttgart in our old study environment and discover there also always new and exciting exhibitions or visit our former colleagues from our studies. This often makes us happy,especially if we can meet not just one person, but like a group of people and old friends. So we were glad to speak to Stefan Bombaci, Peter Holl and Anna Ingerfurth again after a long time and to see their new works. We are all grown older but the Art work has lost none of its luster, quite the opposite.
You can also see more Art work on their website


Aquarell vof Peter Holl


Skulptur of Stefan Bombaci (here with video artist Chris Schaal)


Painting of Anna Ingerfurth (excerpt)