New Media

Working with the sketchbook

In order to develop ideas, we recommend our participants to work intensively with sketches. Drawing in sketches, thinking is a direct and very personal realization of ideas. You will see that every day you develop a little more your own language of form and your individual drawing style

figure studies

At the beginning of the semester, a three-hour nude drawing session takes place once a week. We have a different model every time and we work on the most varied problems of figure representation. Here people from the course as well as people from “outside” come together, simply everyone who is interested in figurative drawing

Working outside at the lake

In the autumn semester, we were lucky to go out in the green while having a some days good weather. Even at the end of the summer we could use the natural environment several times to spend the day outside drawing, for natural studies ….. and taking a bath in between.

Drawing for World Tapir Day

While having finest weather, we took the opportunity to draw Tapirs for the World Tapir Day. We will provide the drawings at an auction in New Yorck and will help to protect the animals.