Video seminar with Chris Schaal_2018


At the lower end of Nostitzstrasse, at the intersection with Gneisenaustrasse, there is a Späti, which has been attended by VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE participants for several years and thus for several generations. Not only directly after the lessons, but also every now and then. And it often happens that participants of the last semesters meet here with participants of the current semesters purely coincidentally. It also happens that you sit much longer than expected.

The autumn semester begins really well

The semester start is difficult every year and that will certainly never change. This year, however, everyone is highly concentrated from the beginning and so this year’s autumn semester also begins. In addition to the intensive work, the fun of working together in a group is not neglected.

Open doors at the Art Academies

Every year the same ritual: we are visiting the Art Academies and visit the open days to meet our alumni and find out how their studies are going.

Ye- successful on two stages

Ye is a very good person and interesting personality. She brought a lot of calmness in the course in the past semesters. That may be due to the language, because Ye comes from China, and although she speaks German very well and understands German even better, she had always felt not that good in the language. She often stayed calm and concentrated very much on her work. Since she was already studying painting at a very good academy in China, continuous work was guaranteed and so this shaped the atmosphere in the course. We are very grateful for her because she showed that only with a continuous work can you create an extensive portfolio. In addition, she discussed very vividly with the other course participants about their work and gave them valuable tips. Her own work varied greatly between painting and stage design. For both areas she has been invited several times.

For painting she can go to Munich and Karlsruhe to the exam, for stage design she is invited to the UdK examination. We hope that she masters the exams well and then decides for the right subject and the right place to study.