Sascha – a french musketeer

Sascha came to us from France. He acquired his knowledge of German through a stay in Germany for several years and so we were able to communicate well with him from the beginning. Nevertheless, Sasha was one of the most sophisticated characters during the first two semesters. He literally stuck to the figuration the entire first two semesters and also brought down everywhere his curious figures in the picture. Curiously enough, he only really relaxed in the third semester, after he was invited to the HGB with his first application for the exams in Leipzig. Thereafter, his color palette changed radically and he trusted more of his own formal idiom, which did not always necessarily require a figure in the picture.

After the exams in Leipzig he was also successful with his application at the Art Academy Karlsruhe. We sincerely hope that he will be able to tackle these exams in the most relaxed manner and finish as successfully as everyone else this year.

More than 80% successful applications again this year

This year we had to wait a long time to get informed about the results of the colleges and academies. Many of our participants applied to universities where application term is only in late spring. But waiting was worth it, because this year again more than 80% have received a successful result. With this we continue the success story of our art school and we are very proud of the dedicated and wonderful young art students who are now looking forward to their studies.

We wish you all a very good start and hope you can further develop your successful work at the academies.

Wonderful double success for Lukas

The first application did not look so bright for Lukas, but we were sure that he would be accepted with his work at an academy. And so it did not take long before Dusseldorf came to the first decision for the admission to study. Now Karlsruhe is also added and he will have to decide.
We advise him to choose the academy where he can develop his work as versatile as ours. This has always been a great pleasure to watch as he over and over again changed his approach in order to create new challenges for himself.

With the right study accompaniment, a lot can happen to him. We are curious and wish only the best in this way.

Nadja succeeds at UdK

Nadja came to us from Switzerland. Her sister is already studying painting at the UdK and Nadja also wanted to be accepted there for art education. Nadja worked from the beginning on small formats and developed worlds of experience, which had an incredible size in itself. In our Friday seminar it was always exciting to see what others said about her work presentation. It is a rare endeavor that such a small work can claim such a dimension and cast a spell on everyone, even though her work was usually very abstract. Especially in the series, her drawings and paintings worked very well and you could literally understand and comprehend the emotional aspect as well as the thought process, which was based on it. Reflection and empathize. Very impressive. With her portfolio she was invited to the examination for art education at the UdK, but meanwhile she has decided to study art history.

We wish Nadja all the best and who knows, maybe next year she will come back to the possibilities of studying art education.

Nike – from Bavaria to Berlin and back

Nike was another very interesting person who came to us from southern Germany last year. Just like Paul, her work evolved from her personal, mostly private and dreamlike imagery. She developed a pictorial language of form and led a constant dialogue between dynamic lines and surfaces, with her works moving back and forth between figuration and abstraction. With her applications, it worked right away. After a first successful application in Dresden, an equally successful application was made in Munich. Now she is invited to the exam in Karlsruhe as well.

We are very curious how she will decide and very confident that she will study with great pleasure.