Peters fantasy worlds

Peter, who came to us from Berlin, lost himself very, very quickly, always putting his headphones over his ears, into his own world of images. This was strongly influenced by a form of fantastic realism, surrealism, as well as comic and fantasy. First, he wanted to apply for a degree in fine arts, but then decided to apply for a degree in art education. But after completing his semesters at our art school, he told us that he wanted to give himself more time and start training as a goldsmith. Based on his imagery, we are now very curious how he will implement this in goldsmith work.
We wish him much pleasure and success.

Up and away

Now, this semester run, which began in early September 2017, has come to an end with a wonderful last party. If the beginnings seemed almost endlessly long, some of you might look back with more than a surprise on a very nice time with the beloved colleagues from ten different countries. Kathrin and I will also find the next week strangely empty if our room does not fill up round 10. We wish that we could give you all a lot on the way forward and invite you to visit us again and again to let us share your further career.

Paul is first

Paul is an exceptionally strong talent. Full of own stories and worlds of experience, he draws these completely natural and often oblivious to paper and his many sketchbooks. At the KHB Weissensee Art Academy in Berlin, they did not see this during his first application last year. When he came to the course of the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE after the rejection, many good works have been developped on a continuous basis and so it was no wonder that he was immediately invited to the exam with his first try in at the HGB Leipzig and later also admitted to the final degree.

This won`t be the last invitation for him and we stay curious.

The imminent end of the week with few

In the week before last, visitors might be a little scared when they visit us at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE, because our classroom area looks like it’s orphaned. But so it is when a larger part of the group is invited for the exams to apply for a place to study. So we are in a good mood despite the small number of participants this week, as the “absentees” will be rewarded for their months of work and will hopefully do a good job at the exams.

Visit from students of UdK, Karlsruhe and Potsdam

At the last Friday seminar jthree students from several academies came for a visit to the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. In addition, we were visited by the mother of a student who studied graphic design at Udk many years ago and who brought along her portfolio from back then. It was a very exciting story and we had a lot of fun and much to discuss. It has once again been confirmed that the different academies have very different profiles, so it is also clear why participants succeed at one academy with his applications where as at another academy they are not even admitted to the exam.