Visting Paola in Cali, Colombia

During our visit in Cali, Colombia, we met Paola, who attended a few years ago the semesters at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE and is now in her fifth semester studying product design at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee. Together with her mother she showed us the sightseeing spots of Cali and invited me to a typical Colombian meal. A very, very nice day together. Thank you!!!

Yakub – success in communication design

Yakub is Berliner with Turkish roots. He was the most intellectual young man to visit us in the last semesters. All work, his own work as well as the work on fundamentals or tasks, were examined in advance by him on various possible solutions. In addition to his drawings he accompanied always researches in form of text material. During the course he developped, on the basis of great knowledge in the field of art history, completely independent work, which made the application at the Burg Giebichenstein possible.
Finally he succeeded there. We look forward to see him regularily and keeping us updated to what is goin on in his study.

Johanna – it`s always going on

Johanna was the most dissatisfied of all course participants this semester. Not with us, no, with herself. She worked very, very consistently, very purposeful, very motivated and always with a fixed goal in mind, continuously and strict to herself. Although her work developped very often very well she was very skeptical of it and she has hardly been really satisfied with the results. Our main task during the day was often to teach her not to look at things so negatively, but to face positive little successes. She is in her way a great master, but she has also not fallen from the sky, but has to evolve step by step. With her portfolio she succeeded with the first application to the Academy in Münster.

We wish her a wonderful and positive study time there.

Karl – the play instinct wins

Karl was the oldest participant in our course this semester. He had already gained experience in various areas of life and now decided, at the age of 31, to turn to an artistic study. It was clear from the beginning that his main interests are to be found in the media. This resulted in many interesting and entertaining videos, which ultimately led him to the exam at the Art Academy Braunschweig: He completed the exam successful there.

We wish Karl exciting years of study with many other good works.

Jerney- a Slovenian draughtsman through and through

Jerney came to us from Slovenia and was the most unusual participant in the last few semesters. Jerney came without much knowledge, but with concrete ideas about art and the world. He was mainly focused on drawing and did so without ceasing, even after school and on weekends. His idea of ​​good drawing was very limited in the beginning, but towards the end of the second semester it changed more and more and in the third semester his work was characterized by a lot more looseness and we had the feeling that he had gotten away from too strong ideas. It was clear from the beginning that Jerney did not want to apply to an academy and so far he has kept his word.

Maybe he’ll start working with his acquired skills as a tattoo artist, maybe he’ll be ready for a study application next year. We are so happy that he had a lot of fun with us and is on a really good way.