Besuch der Performance & Ausstellung von Julischka

Julischka lives and studies and has been working in Vienna for several years. We got to know each other when she was a nude model in our aktinstitute. She was the most extensive model we ever had and it was always a lot of fun with her. Today she works artistically with her body in the form of performances and we took the opportunity to visit her at her first solo exhibition in Berlin.



Qiuning, our always cheerful and very humorous Chinese student surprised us today with a message via whats app. After the successful participation at the art academy in Braunschweig for the two-day “early start” she received today the invitation to register for the coming winter semester. This makes her the first applicant in 2019 to receive a firm commitment. We are very happy for her, because she really deserves it. Besides her continuous and good work, which was characterized by an extremely versatile experimental nature, she also developed into a “driving horse” for the other participants during our semester, who were thus able to increase their own work in a positive way.

last round

After the winter holidays around Christmas and the change into the new year, the “final round” for the first applications begins for our semester participants. Soon everything will go from one shot to the next. The application periods open, starting with Dresden and Leipzig, followed by the KHB in Berlin Weissensee. This also increases the pressure and nervousness on our participants. But we are also in good spirits for this semester and now have a good assessment of the chances of the applicants*. It looks good again


2019 can start

At the end of this year and for the beginning of the new one, this time we dig out a work by Oona in our photo archive and reach right to the top of the quote box and look at Einstein’s words:
If last year was successful then look forward to the new.
And was it bad-then all the more so.

Pure relaxation

We are not ready yet, but Christmas and the turn of the year 2018/2019 are approaching and all participants are looking forward to the deserved recovery. But those who really want to apply in February with the start of the application cycles should work as much as possible in the sketchbook during the year-end days, because that enriches every portfolio. So please, don’t just think about the cookies.