We keep on going successfully_ 80 %

This year we had to wait a long time until we received a message from the last applicant at the different academies. But now it is certain: in 2017, 80 per cent of our participants also made the leap to the university. Some applicants can choose the place of study because of multiple commitments. As a result, our success rate remains very high in the long term. We are very pleased with this development and wish everyone a great start and an eventful study.

The new semester start

The time between the semesters is long. And yet the time passes very quickly. We are now only one week away from the beginning of the new semesters and look forward to starting a creative working phase with the participants.

Fazit zu den Rundgängen 2017

The conclusion of our tours to different Art Academies is quite positive.

In Karlsruhe you can study painting and sculpture, if you really want to study “classical”, much better than, for example, at the KHB.
Halle is very good for all design study courses, art education and time-based media, and for the first time also impressed with a good painter class.
The UdK is very modern and especially digital in the area of architecture, Stag-e and Costume Design and Communication Design. The KHB is worth for Product-, Communication- and Textile Design and Stuttgart offers from everything in a proper quality.

“After the open days” is “before the open days” at the Art Academies

At the end of the semester at german Art Academies, we visited various of them this year. On Thursday we started with the tour at the Kunstakademie in Karlsruhe, where we also met our former student YAYA and we were very happy about her company.

As expected, this academy makes a very good impression, especially in the classical fields of Fine Art, painting and sculpture. Absolutely recommendable. In addition, the rooms are fantastic and the student life is very much influenced by mutual support.
After an intermediate stop for an exhibition at ZKM, we continued with the Stuttgart Art Academy on Friday. We were there for the opening and there was a lot of interest in the work of the students. Quite full. This second Art Academy in Baden-Württemberg offers much more courses of study, e.g. architecture, stage and costume design, both very strong. Also the design faculty makes a very good impression.

Last Sunday we visited the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. In addition to seeing many “former” participants, the Burg convinced of many good work in the various disciplines and of its good organization. It was nice to see that the Department of Painting by the new professor Sophia Schama was really strikingly positive, even if the design studies and the area of the time-based arts make a repeatedly excellent impression.

Now we are looking forward to the coming weekend at the KHB and UdK.

Short view in a sketchbook of Alex for the application for stage design