Short view in Merets sketchbook for the application for communication design

French-Korean Meeting

After the last semesters, we are situated between the semesters and we meet for the re-discussion and celebrating successes with our former students. So we sat these days with Valentin from France and Simon from Korea in the cafe to get informed about the entrance tests. Valentin was accepted for stage design at the UdK, Simon decided for the promised study place for fine arts in Düsseldorf. Again, thanks very much to both of you for your participation at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE., which always made a lot of joy and congratulations for your success. YIP

Take a shower with Toddi

Visiting the Mezquita in Cordoba

After the semesters in the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE, the time of travel begins to gather new impressions, visit exhibitions and discover countries. We started our trips with a visit to southern Spain and had the opportunity to visit the unique Mezquita in Cordoba
If you want to know more about Mezquita, check out this link. A visit there is an impressive experience, which is very worthwhile.

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The mosque-cathedral

The Great Mosque of Cordoba is a mixture of architectural styles superimposed on one another over the nine centuries its construction and renovations lasted.

Standing in the historic centre, it is one of the most beautiful examples of Muslim art in Spain. It was built in 785 by the Muslim emir Abdurrahman I, on the site of the ancient Visigoth church of San Vicente. The mosque underwent consecutive extensions over later centuries. Abdurrahman III had a new minaret built whilst in 961 Al-Hakam II extended the ground plan and decorated the “mihrab” (prayer niche). The last renovation was carried out by Al-Mansur in 987. As a result, the interior resembles a labyrinth of beautiful columns with double arcades and horseshoe arches. After the Christian conquest in 1523, the cathedral was built inside, and features highlights such as the main altarpiece, the Baroque altarpiece and the mahogany choir stalls. The “mihrab” is considered one of the most important in the Muslim world, and is the finest piece in the mosque. The decoration is Byzantine mosaic with crafted marble. The courtyard of the Orange Trees leads to the complex.

Short view in a sketchbook of Cathy for the application for Fine Arts