Exchange of experience with Rubica

On Friday Rubica was a guest in the Friday seminar. After her studies at the Kunstakademie in Karlsruhe, Rubica two years later switched to the UdK to continue her studies of the Fine Arts. This gave us a good insight into both universities.
Thanks for an exciting afternoon

The end is near

Now it is only three weeks until the end of the semester 2016/2017 and we feel slowly sad. It is already clear that we will miss the participants and the intensive cooperation with them again.
The entire process passed so quickly, and this group of participants worked together in a very good harmony, both artistically and personally. So we are slowly in the final sprint and look forward to the time that still remains together.

Everybody need sunshine

Finally, the first warming sunrays and the opportunity to enjoy them in front of the door.
What a perfect day!!!!

Doro and Milena as a guest

Every year we look forward to seeing our former students and seeing their portfolios. Especially when they are such charming women as Doro and Milena, whose portfolios have further more also been accepted at various academies. Doro has been accepted four times, Milena three times. The portfolio consulting is thus a nice requirement for the present participants and reason enough  to give power to the next weeks.

First portfolios delivered

Anfang Februar wurden die ersten Mappen abgegeben. In diesem Jahr sind einige Bewerber:Innen für Leipzig dabei und ein Bewerber für die Filmhochschule Konrad Wolf in Potsdam Babelsberg. Wir sind gespannt und drücken den Bewerber_innen die Daumen