a good team supports you in your creativity

KunstschuleIf you are interested in art studies, no matter what area, the work has to be a joy to get all the ups and downs and to get energy in the difficult times that will inevitably come and accompany us from time to time.
In the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE, we are also aware of these times, but they usually stay very short, because here we find enough joyful colleagues who give a positive push. Yip!

lazy sheep

The days will be shortened, the nights will be longer and it will be cold. It could all be as snug and lazy as the lazy sheep on our picture. Unfortunately, the time is running out and we have already had 6 weeks, which is more than half the autumn semester. So slowly it is becoming clear that it takes quite a lot of time to produce 20 good works which might be suitable for a portfolio later on . And even those who want to orient themselves in the artistic sense for the first time recognize that the personal development is associated with the artistic and one has to give oneself and the things time and can speed up nothing.

warm up – every day

In order to start the day to arrive and focus on the day’s work, we started a few years ago with daily warm-up exercises. They can be quite playful, or drawing, or …..
Everything is allowed, the main thing is to turn off the head fand get rid of all the other things, to get into the day and have fun

theory and practical work

In the portfolio preparation  courses of the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE, we are not only concerned in practical work with the different artistic directions and the possibilities for a personal orientation. The teaching units are always accompanied by theoretical units, which support us in the practical work.

just like things develop

In addition to all the things to be taught in the course of the semesters, the participants always have the joy and fun of the work at the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE. This is the reason why, in the case of figure, some unexpected representations arise, which can then be passed on, whether as performative work or as stripping tape as here, or …..

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